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Lick your lips and wink and they will tickle you till you die

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How do you get tickled by a guy?

Let them tickle you...

What does a guy do when they flirt with you?

He can sometimes tickle your sides.

How do you get a guy to tickle you without asking?

Start tickling him first Yeah, i agree. Tickle him first, or poke him or something.

How do you get a guy to tickle you in school?

To actually tickle or to flirt? If it's flirt you've just got to smile at him and show him that your interested.

How do you tickle a guy?

most males are very ticklish on the bottom of their feet.i know. im a guy.

How do you get girls to tickle your feet without asking them?

that is soo gross and im a girl i wouldn't want a guy to tickle my don't ever let girls tickle your feet because eventually they will get disgusted..=(gross)=

Knock Knock Whose there tickle tickle who?

Tickle you!

How can you get someone to tickle you?

Easy. Tickle THEM first! When you tickle somebody, they are most likely to tickle you back!

What is a tickle fight?

You basically tickle someone and they tickle you back.

Why do guys tickle girl?

They most likely like the girl because the guy wants attention from the girl

How do you tickle your boyfriend?

Simple. Tickle him in the foot, hands, do what you usually do when you tickle.

Can belly inflation tickle?

No, it does not tickle

What has the author Matthew Tickle written?

Matthew Tickle has written: 'Matthew Tickle' 'Idyll'

What nicknames does Jon Tickle go by?

Jon Tickle goes by The Ticklemeister, and Mr. Tickle.

How do you get tickled by a guy you like but font want to tell him?

Lie in vulnerable positions, if he asks you to do something say no in a childish voice, tickle him (he'll probably tickle back), let your shirt ride up when doing activities.

How do you make someone tickle you?

Tickle them first!

How can you tickle your girlfriends feet?

okay, you can tickle your girlfriends feet with your fingers and tickle them very gently

How do you tickle people on the sims 3?

You can only tickle toddlers and babies. Click on them, and select Tickle.

How can you use the word tickle in a sentence?

Tickle means to make someone laugh or be amused. Don't tickle your sister. That joke will tickle the neighbor's sense of humor.

How do you tickle backs?

you doa tickle back by curling your fingers so that your nails can tickle it feels nice

Can you tickle yourself?

it is physically possible but it won't tickle

What is the duration of Tickle Me?

The duration of Tickle Me is 1.52 hours.

How do you get a girl to tickle you?

Ask her. Yeah, just ask her. Or if you tickle her, she might tickle you back too.

When was the tickle you Elmo invented?

Tickle Me Elmo was invented in 1996.

Why is tickle abuse?

Tickle is abuse because it makes you wee.

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