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Only if your partner has HIV or full blown AIDS. Something can't be created out of nothing.

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You cannot get AIDS from being gay. In fact, the vast majority of AIDS cases are in heterosexuals.

No, you don't get AIDS because you are gay.. You only get AIDS, by having unsafe sex, and anyone straight or gay can have unsafe sex and get AIDS.

Gay men can get aids from the HIV virus.

No. Only a minority of gay men have AIDS.

No, all gay people do not have AIDS.

No, being gay doesn't mean the person has aids. and if he did, the only way you could get it was if you both had cuts, and his blood got in one of your cuts. or you could have sex with him.

Yes. The gay community has the highest rate of AIDS in the western world.

No. Most people with AIDS are not gay. AIDS became associate with gay people only because they were the first group to be hit with it.

More Heterosexuals have AIDS than gay people do.

AIDS affects all people.

It is possible to get AIDS from anyone, gay or straight, but only if they carry the HIV virus in their bodies.

Only a minority of gay people have AIDS. AIDS is a disease EVERYONE has to worry about. AIDS is NOT a gay disease. Women can pass it on to women, men can give it to women, men can give it to men. Sex is NOT the only way to transmit the disease. It doesn't matter if you're straight, gay, bi, lesbian, transgendered, WHATEVER. YOU are still at risk for AIDS.

Straight people get AIDS and HIV much more often than gay people.

No to all those his not gay he dosent have aids and him and chilli are just friends

No. Worldwide, MANY more heterosexuals have HIV and AIDS than gay people.

That's not true. Gay people get aides too.

Yes. Fluid exchange happens in many many ways, and it is very possible to get AIDS while being on top. Just use protection

The same way that straight people develop AIDS: having unprotected sex with multiple sexual partners and being infected with HIV.The same way straight men get aids, sex

slair 198 is full of aids so is bob the builder he was gay

The majority of people with AIDS and HIV are straight.

AIDS is a gay or transexual desease 1st aids case was found in a group of gay community in US in 1960s from bi sexuals to women it has explored

No, however more straight people have AIDS and HIV than Gay people do.

As of 2013, AIDS and HIV continue to be a problem for both gay communities and straight communites alike.

No, although there are many sexual transmitted diseases you can catch by having sex with another male such as aids

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