How can you get motivated to revise for exams?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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Person with low attention span needs to start revision as early as time allows, well before the examination day. Also, a normal person can only concentrate for 20 minutes before they need to take some rest before starting back again. Taking small breaks every ten minutes until consistency is achieved is advised. Listening to light music in the background, or having something healthy to snack (with high glycemic index e.g. nuts) also helps.

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Here's a link to show you how to motivate yourself!

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Q: How can you get motivated to revise for exams?
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How can i do to pass my exams?

Read carefully and revise well

How do you get first rank in exams?

study,eat,sleep,revise wht u studied,answer question papers!!

How should a student study during exams?

Time manage so you have slots to revise for each subject! :)

How can you go from an D to an A in science?

Revise and study more, as well as think more about the questions in the exams and try not to rush it

Why do writers revise their paragraphs?

when doing your exams you have to remember things. When you learn things are usually put into the short term memory which lasts about 30seconds. The easiest way to get useful information into your long term memory is repetition, and that is why you need to revise.

How do you gain best marks in exams?

Revise 15 to 20 hours a day and you will gain the best marks in the class. If you revise less then that then you will not get the best marks in the class because there is always at least one person in the class that revises for that long

How can you get an A in your social studies assignment?

Pay attention is class, do more than you need to in your homework assignments, read round the subject and revise well for exams.

How do Study for a Board Exam class 10?

Just study the slyabuss given to u nicely and revise it very nicely in preparation holidays of exams

You want blue print for all subjects for matric 12th 2010?

i want the blue print for Hindi 1&2 PAPER TO REVISE FOR MY EXAMS FOR 12TH STD

What is a good website to revise for GCSE biology exams?

/gcsebitesize at the bbc/schools site. OR go onto the AQA site and follow the site to past paper to practise

How do you keep studing for exams?

There are many methods, hardcore style (going on and on without motivation or there is the motivated style, which you reward yourself with something when you get somewhere.

How to get good grades in my exams?

i am a GCSE pupil doing my exams to, the key to success is to study and revise...because lets face it you will get nowhere if you don't! so get those books out and revise!! :) if your not that sort of a learner,find out your learning style by learning visually with colourful mindmaps (The brain loves colour) it's a well known fact, so try that or you could also make up a song :) there are plenty of ways to learn :) i hope this helped :)