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Use an acetone based nail polish remover. Put a white towel behind the nail polish stain and flush it through. Do this multiple times. And then dab with a cotton swab soaked in bleach. Then launder as usual. I was able to get dark blue nail polish out of white jeans.

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Believe it or not, nail polish remover works. just make sure you dont pour it directly onto your jeans and wash them right after.

Just use nail polish remover. It's unlikely to damage the jeans if you wash them as you normally straight after. Try to use as mild a product as possible.

White nail polish is fairly common! You can get it at any drug store or generally any place that sells nail polish. :-) Hope this helps!

I don't think that it will because yesterday night i was taking of my nail polish and i left the remover on my desk and it fell of and went all over me and my jeans were fine.

Nail polish remover. This will of course ruin the clothing. Sorry.

Any you like! here's some suggestions: Pink nail polish with black crackle Blue nail polish with black crackle Black nail polish with pink crackle Pink nail polish with white crackle Grey nail polish with blue crackle Black nail polish with white crackle Red with green crackle for Christmas Orange with black crackle for Halloween Yellow with blue crackle for summer.

nail polish doesnt come off unless u use nail polish remover which eates through stuff but if u use that and then rip some holes in ur jeans u wont need to worry cause ripped tattered jeans is the style now

if the rug is white Nail poish remover ( leaves a white mark) when ever I get nail polish in my hands or on a rug I rub it wth a nail file until it comes off

Have you tried nail-polish remover? I would suggest repeated dabbings, switching to fresh cotton balls soaked in remover as the old ones become discolored with the polish. When all the polish is out, launder your trousers as usual. I used this method to get red polish out of a pair of blue-jeans. You might need to bleach the pants or use a laundry booster, as I found that the polish remover got out stains on the old jeans that I didn't know were there. ;-) After washing the jeans a couple times, the color evened out, and no lasting damage was done from the remover.

The best way is to get gray nal polish and white nail polish. then add fine silver glitter and let it sit.

Nail polish remover takes the polish off your nails, doesn't it? It will work on most nail polish stains, whether on clothing or furniture. Apply the nail polish remover to the stain and then lightly blot the stain. Apply detergent and warm water to make sure that you have removed the stain completely and then wash as usual with your detergent. You may have to apply the nail polish remover and blot several times to remove all of the nail polish stain. Do not give up!

This happended to me and I just put Borox soap and it came right out :)

Miley Cyrus' two favorite nail polish colors are black and white.(:

Try peeling some off or use nail polish remover and scrub it clean

It's nail polish specially for french manicure, which is a manicure designed to resemble our natural nails. Hence, french nail polish consists of nudes, white, and clear polish. The consistency of the polish is also more sheer compared to regular polish.

No the white spots on the nail is from damage to the matrix this is the root of the nail and it will grow out of the nail but it may take some time.

Try using White Spirit instead. No idea if nail polish will ruin your carpet though.

What you could do is take a piece of paper and glue it over your mistake or if you have white nail polish handy you could use the nail polish lightly over your mistake

u could just bye a grey nail polish from the shop or mix a black and white on together

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