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I have a high cheek bone and that's great but at the same time i have a chubby face, makes my face looks really round. If i lose weight, will my face get smaller too? what are some ways I can do to get ridof face fat?

Jsut do face exercizes...the one i use is smiling as big as you can then frowning as much as you can and doing that for about 10-15 minutes a worked for me

*Hi don't frown because this creates lines and wrinkles on your forehead, smiling is a lot better for you to do

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2011-09-13 05:01:22
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Q: How can you get rid of your chubby face?
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just be happy with yourself!

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How do you get rid of cheek fat without surgery?

Yes you can lose weight on your face without surgery. I did it myself....I lost over 60 lbs in 3 months. It also depends whether you are overweight with a fat face, or thin with a chubby face. You will need to tackle the problem differently, depending upon which group you fall into.

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