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Q: How can you get speed out of your system faster?
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What is the speed of Windows XP?

Operating systems don't have a "speed." The faster the computer is, the better the system runs.

Where in our solar system are the planets which orbit fastest?

The closer planets are to the Sun the faster their orbit speed

How do the nervous system and the endocrine system differ in their control of body activities?

Speed and duration. Nerves are faster, hormones last longer.

How do you you increase DOS speed in win XP?

Since DOS is a CLI Operating System, hence its speed is already faster than Windows.. You need not to do anything else with DOS speed..

Conconde flies faster than the speed of light?

No. The Concorde flew faster than the speed of sound. Nothing can move faster than the speed of light.

How system clock affecting the computer process?

The system clock syschronizes the distance between two electronics so that the speed can be faster and more accurate.

What is transonation?

Actually, transonic speed is not a speed faster than that of sound. Transonic speed is approx. Equal to the speed of sound, not faster.

Is LGA faster than a PGA?

Basically, neither of them is faster. the speed depends on the CPU design. the faster the frequency, the faster the processing speed.:-D

What is the pace of the system clock called?

The pace of the system clock, called the clock speed, is measured by the number of ticks per second. The faster the clock speed, the more instruction the processor can execute per second.

Transonic speed is speed that is?

Faster than the speed of sound.

What is faster Speed of Light or Speed of Eyesight?

The speed of light.

Why is memory important in to an operating system?

it adds power ( ability to process faster) which in turn adds over all speed