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Spiritomb is not in emerald.

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You can get it by using an action replay, but Spiritomb cannot be in Emerald it has to be in Generation 4 or above.

add a Spiritomb with wonderguard (Spiritomb has no weakness and Wonder guard stops unsuperaffective attacks hitting you.)

Yes, spiritomb with wonderguard. it will still be vulnerable to weather (hail), abilities (static) and status and stat. affecting attacks (growl, thunderwave,confuse ray) and an electric type with wonderguard and levitate (static doesn't affect it

That would be the bomb. You would have to use AR codes with the online Pokemon generator download. Although long and confusing, it would be well worth it!

The Pokemon Shedinja has Wonderguard. You need to have an empty slot in your party. Evolve Nincada by leveling it up. When Nincada Evolves, it becomes a Ninjask. The Last Slot in your party will be a Shedinga. The Ability Wonderguard is the best, because only supereffective attacks will hit the Pokemon with Wonderguard. Status-Changing attacks will Hit Though. If You can hack a Sableye or Spiritomb with Wonderguard. It is Nearly Invincible Because Both of them are Ghost and Dark Types, which means they have no weaknesses. The only to defeat them is by using toxic or will-o-wisp, or oone one of the move which causes Burn or Poison

there is no such item AT ALL!!!!!! :D Fyre Exteme- Wondertomb isn't an item, it's a Spiritomb with the special ability Wonderguard. Thanks tho... PLEASE HELP ME OUT PPLZ! ;(

No, it isn't. Level it to 100, give it Wonderguard since Spiritomb doesn't have a supereffective weakness, a Lum Berry just in case of a Darkrai's certain move, use action replay to teach it any TM/HM, and you'll have an invincible legendary looking pokemon that you can use in Wi-Fi Battles.

Spiritomb can't evolve.

no. you can get male spiritomb.

No, Spiritomb isn't a legendary.

breed a ditto with a spiritomb

Its Sableye and Spiritomb and for spiritomb you talk to 32 people underground and go to the hallowed tower and go underground also 4 sableye....... I dont exactly know but you can migrate one from ruby sapphire or Emerald.

Ghost and Dark. He has no weakness!

One good move for spiritomb is dark pulse. One good move for spiritomb is dark pulse.

If you got your own spiritomb in platinum, Cynthia would still have her spiritomb.

You cannot evolve Spiritomb because it is not capable of evolving.

Spiritomb is unavailable in any games from Generation I, II, and III.

The Spiritomb in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum is level 25.

Meet 62 people underground then go to spiritomb place.

Spiritomb is Dark/Ghost and has no type weaknesses.

nothing is super effective against spiritomb and sableye

The Sinnoh League Champion "Cynthia" has a Spiritomb.

In Pokémon HeartGold, the only way to get past the Wonderguard ability is to use a move that's super effective against the Pokémon who has Wonderguard, like in Shedinja's case, because it has Wonderguard, the only way to defeat it would be to use a super effective move against it which would be Fire or Flying attacks., make your own pokemon! Works with the AR