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if it's not on the neighbor's property not a thing you need to get the plans of your yard and find out where you yard ends and where there's begin and if it's not touching you have to replace that fence. Not to mention why would you be bothering your neighbor to replace a fence it doesn't cost heck people do it themselves stop being petty and fix the dang thang.

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Q: How can you get your neighbor to help pay for a fence replacement?
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Can you put a lien on a neighbor for refusing to pay for a fence?

If the neighbor has agreed to help pay for the fence and failed to follow through, then you could go to small claims court. If the neighbor does not want to help pay for a shared fence, then your choice is to go it alone or not to build the fence at all. You cannot force a neighbor to put up a fence.

What if your neigbor cut down a fence on both are property lines you have a pool can you make him pay for part of the replacement fence?

That depends on who owns the fence. If it belongs to the neighbor then he can take it down. He should have warned you so you could plan to replace it if you were using it to fence in your pool.

Fence wall on property line. Does neigbor have to pay?

You haven't added what exactly the neighbor has to pay for.

I have a rental property. The trash can dent the fence which face my side. My neighbor fix the fence and send me the bill. Do I have to pay for it?

No. If the neighbor never talked to you prior to fixing the fence, quantum meruit does not apply.

Does your neighbor have to pay for half of the fence?

no sir> you are putting up a fence without details to us so it's your project and dont put it on his property or it will be his fence.

How do you ask my neighbor pay half for our fence that is shared with them?

You don't. If you want the fence and the other person does not they should not be asked to pay for it. Plus when it comes time to sell your house or theirs, this can lead to a mess. Don't be cheap, you want it, you pay for it 100%.

Do I have to pay half if my neighbor wants to put up a fence?

No you don't. If you do not have an agreement (oral or written) with him that you will pay half, you don't have to pay. Unless you have some kind of written agreement (contract) that includes that you pay half, you don't have to pay anything.

Should our neighbor who is fencing in their yard pay us for using our portion of existing fence at the property line?

No. Fences make good neighbors. Don't mess it up by being petty about them taking advantage of an existing fence. Call it an even trade.

How do you handle a neighbor damaging property line fence and than 9 months go by and he has not repaired it?

The least expensive way is through small claims court. Add up all the bills and receipts documenting the money you spend fixing the fence. Write your neighbor a letter asking for payment for that amount, and include copies of the bills and receipts. If your neighbor does not pay, sue him in small claims court for the money (see below links).

Should you allow a neighbor to place a fence on your side of the property line?

No. Dong so may cause adverse consequence if and when one of the two parties move. It is your property and therefore your responsibility to fence your own yard. You can share the fence and the costs. You would each pay half. Also, depending on the laws where the property is located. If your neighbor puts a fence on your property and not on the property line (a few feet inside on your property) they could end up owning those few feet after several years. Adverse possession.

Storm blew the fence down does the neighbor have to pay half to replace it?

Check to see that your state law coves adjoining landowners cost sharing. The means both of you should pay half of the cost for repairing the fence. Do research on rules and restriction in the neighborhood. They may outline the division of cost and repair certain property.

If a neighbor claims his shared fence with his insurance company due to a hurricane and repairs the fence can he turn around and demand money from the neighbors.?

NO. that would constitute double indemnity which is a felony offense and a form of Fraud. You can not get paid by the insurance company and then turn around and insist on payment again for the same loss from your neighbor.AnswerTypically the person having the fence installed is bound to pay for it. Unless an arrangement has been made prior to the construction. It is common courtesy for cost to be split evenly by those who will share the fence, but if the neighbor has already been paid by the insurance company then I would call him out on that one, it would be a criminal act.

Can your neighbor have a fence blocking your path to your mailbox?

Not if it crosses your property lines OR an easement. Go to your city office and see if you can look at the survey of the area surrounding your home, you might have to pay a small fee.

How much should you pay your neighbor to help with deck work?

Ask your neighbour and he'll tell you how much money he wants.

Land owner next to you intentionally put a fence up 12 inches over your property line before you bought your land and will not pay to move it to the property line or go half on it. What to do?

It is a trespass and if it is not removed upon your request, you can have a court order it to be removed. If you ignore this long enough, the neighbor may eventually be able to claim the property line has moved to the fence, and you will lose valuable land rights. On the other hand, you can also provide the neighbor with a "limited license" to use that strip of your property, and propose that he pay some nominal rent until such time as the fence is removed or other mutual agreement is made. That way the fence is no longer evidence of "hostile exclusion" which would be necessary for adverse possession.

Why must i pay my neighbor for a water well that is located on the property i purchased?

Possibly the neighbor payed for some of the well on your property, and you must pay him back the money you owe him for the well. Also, he may have installed the well, and made and paid for it and made a deal with the last owner of the house for the owner to pay it all back to the neighbor. If there isn't anything owed to the neighbor, then you don't have to pay your neighbor for a water well that is on your property that you legally purchased.

Will Medicare pay for a second knee replacement?

Will Medicare pay for a second knee replacement on the same knee?

A dog reached its foot through its fence into neighbors yard and it got hurt it by the neighbors weed eater while trimming along the fence-who is liable for the dog's injury?

The neighbor is responsible for the careful use of lawn tools like a weedeater. What if it were a child's hand? Would the question make any sense? Ask the neighbor to pay up or sue him in small claims court for medical expenses and veterinary expenses for the dog.

What if your Fence is destroyed by a neighbors tree?

From personal experience, you turn it into your home owner's insurance, pay your deductable, and have repairs made. Unless the tree was condemed or the city served him notice to have it removed, you have no recourse to pursue it against your neighbor.

Should i pay for 100 replacement cost?

Homeowners insurance should I pay for 100 percent replacement cost

If your neighbor agreed you'd build a fence together-pay for it together-your husband would build it-and it veered to his property a few inches on 3 sections is there legal action he can pursue?

A fence that isn't straight is considered to be poor workmanship. Many people get upset about poor workmanship and don't want to pay for it. You'll need to work out the details with your neighbor but don't be too surprised if he/she isn't happy about it. Is the agreement in writing? If not you are on very weak standing. Anything built on your neighbors property legal belongs to them, try to negotiate. I would not get confrontational with the neighbor, keep in mind that they could charge you for taking down the fence and keep the material! The rights of neighbors in this situation is discussed in a treatise called the Restatement (Second) of Torts Section 164 (1977).

Does the neighbor pay for water damage to your property?

Maybe, Maybe not. It depends on whether your neighbor is "legally liable" for your water damage. If the neighbor is not liable then they do not have to pay. If the neighbor is liable, it should be covered under the liability portion of your neighbors property insurance policy if he selected liability coverage when he purchased his policy.

Do you have to rebuild with replacement cost ins?

You make the decision to rebuild or not. However, per the terms of the replacement cost endorsement, if you choose not to rebuild then the company will pay you the actual cash value of the damage. If you rebuild, the company will pay replacement cost. No replacement, no replacement cost.

What can someone expect to pay for a wireless dog fence?

The cost of a wireless dog fence depends on both the brand/quality and the range which one wishes to cover. You can expect to pay anywhere between 250 to 600 US$ for a wireless dog fence for your garden.

Does your insurance company have to pay the policy limit for a total loss if you have replacement?

No, If you have a replacement valuation Home Insurance Policy then the company will pay the "replacement cost" The cost of replacement may or may not reach your policy limits depending on the loss.