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You click on the person and ask to Trade. Then offer coins and accept.. Make sure they accept too.. =)

Don't do this if the person says "I'm having problems with trade give me the coins and I will gift you the item" as this is a big fat scam.If he and or she say's "I got scammed" then you might wanna stay away from them or the event party,they might really trick you!

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โˆ™ 2011-02-05 15:41:02
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Q: How can you give coins in YoVille?
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How do you give your selves 999999 coins on YoVille on myspace?

go to the bank in yoville AND IT COST 100 COINS FOR 1 DOLLAR GREEN

Free coins on YoVille?

how can I get free coins and cash Well nobody is going to give you free coins and yocash and never give out your password.

How can I scam in YoVille?

it is easy all you have to do is tell them that you have 000000 coins and they feel bad for you so they give you coins

Where can iget coins in yoville?

you can get them in yoville or over the internet.

What are yoville coins for?

they are used for buying yoville items.

Can you transfer a house to someone on Yoville?

Unfortunately, you can not transfer a house on Yoville. But, you can buy them a house by giving them coins or, have them pay you and you give them stuff in your house

How do you get a cat free on YoVille?

you can own all your own pets with enough coins. Check out the free guide to maximizing your yoville coins ... get it at

Quick coins in YoVille?

go do coin runs dont give passwords to anyone in an email

Where can you buy cheaper YoVille Coins?

Buying coins on any site not affiliated with YoVille is against the Terms Of Service.

How can you get free coins on YoVille -?

There's no way you can earn free coins in yoville but you can earn then through various activities

How do you get tons of money on YoVille?

"How to get a lot of coins in YoVille" ... see the free guide at

How do you trade with neighbors on YoVille?

I am neighbors with my mom on yoville and she doesn't play and wants to give me her coins. When we click on each other it justs says fight, kiss, and the we are neighbors.

Can you exchange coins for cash in YoVille?

No, you can exchange cash for coins, but not coins for cash.

You got robbed 1547 coins and can you have it back?

hi my name is launa gignac and in yoville my name is baby girl can you give me 1000000000 coins i got scamed im really poor please give me coins

How do you convert cash to coins in YoVille?

just go to the bank in yoville map

How do you get million coins on YoVille?


How can you get a lot on coins in YoVille?

You can it by purchasing them.

How do you get dollars on yoville on Facebook?

How to get yocash and free yoville coins is all in the guide ... free copy at

How many coins do you get when you get maxed on YoVille?

You can only get 200 coins when you get maxed!

How do you change the yoville coins to yocash?

You can't change coins to cash.

Can you transfer Farmtown coins or farmville coins to YoVille?

no because u can earn coins easer on there

How do you trade Yoville coins?

To Trade YoVille Coins Find Someone who wants to Trade,Then Invite them Over and Click on them, Click the Trade Button and there You Go!

Can you get a loan on YoVille?

No, in the game in yoville you must go to work and earn coins or sell your items

How much would it cost for 40 yovill cash?

focus on getting coins first ... how to get rich with yoville coins ... free guide at

How much is a jukebox on YoVille worth?

its 500 coins =]