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hit the start menu button on your keyboard then use the arrow keys to scroll down to control panel then hit enter

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Q: How can you go to control panel with your mouse not working?
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How do you change mouse control panel?

To get to your mouse control panel, from a Windows XP system you go to;Start-->Control Panel-->Printer and other Hardware-->MouseClick on mouse and the Mouse Properties box will show up. You can make changes there for the mouse. The speed, the pointer icon and other things.

How do you make the mouse move slower?

Go to control panel>>mouse setting there you will see speed control button.

Where can I get your pencil mouse cursor?

it should be on the computer, go to control panel, then mouse then settings and change it.

How do you change your backgroung mouse settings etc?

# click "start" and go into "control panel" # Depending on what type of control panel you got, click on "mouse" # when a it comes up click on a side tab pointers and there you go choose from hundreds of pionters!

How do you unlock touchpad on netbook?

Go to Start, Control Panel, Hardward and Sound, then Mouse. Your mouse and touchpad software should open where you can do this.

How do you get cursors?

in control panel go to mouse. then click the pointers tab. select your cursor from the list

What make the mouse pointer change to an eyedropper?

go 2 da control panel in start

How does one control Cursor speed?

to control a cursor speed one just has to slide the mouse faster on the mouse pad or you go into control panel and into nouse and mouse pointers and select house fast you want the speed to be.

What is process synchronisation for Winnt?

you go into control panel right click on your mouse go to properties and change your settings

How do you get mouse pointers on a computer?

Well, first you click on " Start ". then you go to Control Panel. You right click "Mouse" then you go to pointer options then you click on Display Pointer Trails. At the bottom, you can control the speed.

How do you get different mouse icons?

go into control panel--mouse--and one of those tabs will let you change the mouse icon but if you mean how to get more mouse icons, well i dont know how

When i press my left control key my computer takes an input of a left mouse click how do i unbind the left mouse click from my control key?

Go to the Control panel option in Windows - and check what boxes are ticked in the keyboard and/or mouse sections.