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About the only way to increase facial hair is to increase the amount of testosterone in the bloodstream. A doctor could test for testosterone insufficiency and prescribe injections. But don't count on it. Facial hair also increases with age, so waiting works too. Men from some racial and genetic backgrounds have little or no facial hair even thought they have plenty of testosterone. And testosterone injections have side effects, like increased aggression and shrinkage of the testicles. Rogaine and Firaus Oil also come recommended by some people as a way to increase facial hair growth although it is not proven. Shaving frequently is a proven way to make facial hair more coarse, therefore appearing thicker. Shaving regularly will not increase the speed at which your facial hair develops however. Other suggestion include trying a DiHydroTestosterone cream named Androstanolone which is applied externally. It is available in brand name Andractim.

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Q: How can you grow facial hair faster and thicker?
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How can you grow facial hair faster and thicker natural?

shave it for continues of one weak.and later 3 months you had a facial hair......

How do you grow facial hair faster and thicker at age 12?

If you have already got facial hair at age 12 you have started puberty very early. You cannot make hair grow faster than it is.

How can you increase your facial hair growth?

Shaving makes your facial hair grow longer and thicker.

Does fish oil make you grow thicker hair and facial hair?


How can you grow facial hair thick?

The thickness of facial hair is usually a hereditary thing. Starting to shave as soon as facial hair begins to grow is a good way to start training the hair to grow thicker.

Are there any tricks to get facial hair to grow faster?

I would imagine trimming the ends once in a while, will help it grow faster. Trimming hair allows it to grow faster, so why not facial hair?

How do you grow facial hair at 18?

if you don't have facial hair by 18 i suggest you hang yourself to the trump tower, but if you really want a beard i suggest u take vitamins and drink a lot of Gatorade, also squeeze lemons and cow urine onto your fayce.

Why does facial hair grow faster than normal hair?

The more you shave, the quicker it will grow.

What foods make facial hair grow faster?


Does hair grow faster and thicker when you cut it?

no. It seems thicker because of the blunt end. It seems to grow faster because it seems thicker because of the blunt end.

Does shaving help facial hair grow thicker?

yes.I had to learn that the hard way.

Is it true the cologne make your facial hair grow thicker?

No, it is not true. Cologne has no effect on hair growth. Hormones do.

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