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Unless you manufacturer it, you probably can't.

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Can you get cocaine in your system if you hold it in your hand?

I think you can cause i dont use cocaine but it show up in my system when i take my drug test today and i did was hold it in hand . so what do yall think

Is taking Methadone with cocaine harmful?

methadone can make you sleepy while cocaine is an upper i dont see a problem

Will qcarbo cleanse your system of cocaine?


What can you take over the counter to get cocaine out of system?

There is nothing you can take to get cocaine out of your system. It will metabolize on its own rate, dependent on the state of your liver and kidneys.

How do you pass a saliva test for cocaine?

dont take it LOL

Can you mix cocaine and vicodin with xanax?

Yes ou can ... But dont do it!!

How do you beat a saliva drug test for cocaine?

Dont do coke

Does exercise help cocaine out of your system?

Exercise helps decrease the crave for cocaine in addicted subjects.

What can crack cocaine do to babys?

When AA baby is born with cocaine in there system they go thru withdrawals.

Can gelatin clean out your system for coke?

No, gelatin will not clean cocaine out of your system.

Does drinking water help get cocaine out of system?


Can cocaine be in your system when its put in food?

Yes it can be.

What can you take to get the cocaine out your system fast?

There a plently of peole who have tried, they failed. If you do not want any substance like cocaine to be found in your system, do not take any

How can you beat a swab test for cocaine?

dont use the drug there fixed

How long dose cocain stay in your system?

How long does cocaine stay in your system?

How do you really get cocaine out of your system?

by stopping what you're doing or go to a hospital and really enjoy the life instead of cocaine

How long for cocaine to clear from your system?

2 days

How do you get heroin out of your system quick?

Time, Methamphetamine, or Cocaine.

What are negative effects of cocaine?

Effects nervous system

If you passed a home drug test for cocaine can you still fail the lab test for cocaine?

yes you most definetly can because you can take one when the cocaine has left your system

How do you slow rapid heart beat from cocaine?

to slow a rapid heartbeat because of cocaine? i would take a depressant like benadryl. DONT DO DRUGS!!!!!

What do they put in coke?

cocaine and carbonation dont forget the added touch of sugar

What is the quality of cocaine in Puerto Rico like?

dont know never been

Does using cocaine effect your immune system?

yes it does, it can mess up your immune system!

How long does iv cocaine stay in your system if you have to pass a drug test?

Three days, same as snorted or smoked cocaine.