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Siberian huskies aren't endangered.

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Q: How can you help Siberian huskies from getting extinct?
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How can we help huskies becoming extinct?

it would be very unlikely that huskies (the breed of dog) could become extinct.

Where do Siberian Huskies Live and how do they reproduce?

Siberian huskies originally live in siberia (a place in russia) and they were brought to Canada and Alaska (they like snowy places, i guess). Siberian huskies mate, and then the female become pregnant and then she gives birth to up to about five pups, and raises them without the father's help.

Why do Siberian tigers need your help?

because they are going extinct

Why don't Siberian huskies eat other huskies?

Siberian huskies are very social animals. They are the closest dog relative of the gray wolf. Huskies like to have other huskies or dogs to be with them for company and protection. They form a very strong bond and act together like a pack. If they ate each other then there wouldn't be that many huskies left on the planet would there? They need each other just like we need our family for help and comfort.

How can people help Siberian tigers from going extinct?

Well, the Siberian tiger is both rare and Critically Endangered with only about less than 300 in the wild, but there are hundreds in zoos.

How can you help the blue shark from being extinct?

tell people that blue sharks are getting extinct

Why does your Siberian husky bark so much?

Siberian huskies are actually known for not barking, they tend to howl or "sing" instead. However, if yours is barking a lot, you might want to take him to a dog trainer who can help both of you learn to understand the barking and hopefully lessen or prevent it.

How can we help extinct lizards to not become extinct?

You can't help extinct lizards, for they are already extinct. What you can do is help the ones that are not extinct.

How can people help a Siberian husky from getting hurt?

I don't really get your point, you mean like just for Sibirian huskies or all the dogs? Or do you mean because they are sledge-dogs? In that case, maybe treat them better and don't work them out that hard. Start an organisation and collect money !? That would be my best answer......

The dog which help the eskimos?


What is being done to help the Siberian tiger?

Many things are being done to help the fast becoming extinct Siberian Tiger. Such as reseves which are protected are being set up for them. Also there are laws agaisnt shooting or killing a Siberian Tiger. As well as wearing or using a real Siberian pelt. Another thing is that they are doing captive breeding with them, which is when they take adult Siberian Tigers and mate them so they reproduce offspring known as cubs, and when the cubs are old enough they set them free into the wild. But remember, these are just a few of the many things that are being done to help the Siberian Tiger. And thanks for being concerned for them! They are one of the fastest disapearing species of tiger!!!

How can you help extinct animals?

You can't. They're extinct.

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