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refusing to buy things made out of snow leopards

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The money goes to the company and to use it to help the snow leopards life.

how does snow leopards reproduce? how does snow leopards reproduce? how does snow leopards reproduce? how does snow leopards reproduce?

There are many different ways you can help snow leopards. You can raise money on your own or make a club or group to raise money. you can also donate money to organizations and zoos to help home and protect snow leopards. Another thing you can do is submit your ideas to people who help snow leopards. There are many ways you can help, just be creative!

Snow leopards get water from the snow.

There are some video clips on snow leopards on www.snow Hope I gave you some help

Leopards and Snow Leopards are entirely different species. Snow leopards aren't related to leopards- they are actually more closely related to cheetahs.


snow leopards are hunted for their fur.

well,they are white like snow, live in snowy mountains, and they're leopards!

in china they have makets and most of the popultion is in china were all the snow leopards are and they kill a purfectly good leopard for 45 worth its skin

Snow leopards hunt for food, mothers look after the cubs. Did you know that snow leopards cannot roar?

Their large, wide paws help distribute their body weight, making it easier for them to move in the snow.

snow leopards live in central my butt

Snow leopards have keen hearing.

do snow leopards have good hearing?

how do snow leopards have offspring

how big are snow leopards when there born

snow leopards do not migrate or hibernate

Snow Leopards are endangered because of hunting.

As you know Snow Leopards live in very snowy and cold conditions, so its hard to find food, so they end up starving sometimes. Secondly fur coats, Snow leopards have the best fur out of all the big cats, so poachers kill most of Snow leopards to get there fur. But lots of animal charity are helping the Snow leopards and WWF is currently working with them at moment, you could just spend as little as £3.00 to help the Snow leopards survive.

Yes, Snow Leopards are vertebrates as they have a backbone and an internal skeleton. Snow Leopards are mammals and all mammals are vertebrates.

snow leopards like to hunt for there food and play

Baby snow leopards are called cubs.

No. Of course not. They're snow leopards, not tribbles.

Snow leopards are loners and never in a group.

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