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Internal harmony and internal balance are believed to be required to maintain peace, and harmony and balance in nature. This is sometimes referred to as World Balance or World Harmony.

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Balance of nature can be maintain by avoiding deforestation but practicing afforestation.

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maintain, peace, & harmony in nature

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Q: How can you help to maintain the balance of the nature?
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How you can help to maintain the balance of the nature?

Balance of nature can be maintain by avoiding deforestation but practicing afforestation.

How do you maintain the balance of nature by essay writing?

Essay writing, of itself, can not maintain the balance of nature.

What will you do to help maintain the ecological balance?

trees help us to maintain the ecological balance

How does this change help out other organisms in the environment?

maintain balance of nature, and so others can use the nutrients when it is recycled.

How is balance of nature maintain?

off oxygen as they manufactor

What factors help maintain the balance of nature in the aquarium?

the fish because when the other organisms is hungry they couldn't eat and the others is affected

What part of a fish that maintain balance?

For most fish, the fins help maintain balance while swimming.

What do the semicircular canals and the 2 tiny sacs help maintain?

They help to maintain balance of your body.

What does the ear help maintain?

It helps with balance and coordination.

How would you conserve or preserve biodiversity to maintain the balance of nature?

by performing regeneration activity

How will you maintain the balance in nature?

To maintain balance in nature is to understand the cycle of life. We need to give back what we take and quit depleting the natural resources. These are not finite and will go away. We need to apply the sustainable thinking process in our daily lives.

Why is there a need to maintain balance of nature?

The question is understandable, but the word 'should' is problematic. Nature is under no artificial obligation to 'maintain equilibrium'. Maintaining equilibrium is a human concept, and more an expression of what is observed in nature rather than some unseen restriction on nature. From the point of view of classical sciences, forces will distribute themselves and will affect whatever they encounter according to the standard laws of motion and energy.Quantum theory brings some of these 'fixed' conclusions of classical science into question at least in theory, and in some surprising ways that have been verified. It is not that nature should maintain equilibrium, but that there are determinable probabilities that things will remain as there are, along with probabilities that even wildly different conditions could exist.