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There are no vampires around us. Vampires are mythical.

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2011-04-29 20:02:13
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Q: How can you identify a vampire around us?
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How can you identify that a vampire is around us?

If you a vampire around you how will you identify it,you have watch pyaar ki ye ek kahani in that serial a boy name abhay he's a vampire in that roll.

How can you identify there is a vampire around us?

i won't answer directly but learn your brain wave (as we call it) give it to people if you want to become one. If not then what do you want to stake us?

How do you identify a vampire?

Fangs,Blood Red eyes,Pale.

When will vampire knight chapter 66 come out?

Vampire knight comes out in japan the 24 so it will be at around the Oct 30th - Nov 3 for us

How do you identify a vampire victim and what should you do in these cases?

This is an invalid question because vampires are not real. You will never see a 'vampire' victim.

Is there any vampire still living around us in 2013 in today's world?

No. Vampires do not exist and never did.

What era did carlisle became a vampire?

He became a vampire around the 1600s.

How long does it take to move around as a vampire?

A vampire can move around as quickly or as slowly as it could in human form.

How do you identify a victim of a vampire?

were the bite wound is, its bloody and the victem will become more paler and paler

What are the signs that the vampire is around?

there are no vampires

How do you identify a vampire victim?

Anemia, puncture wounds, strange obsessions, fantasies or hallucinations, sleep walking,

How do you identify victims of vampire attacks?

# Anemia # Loss of energy # Dreams, delerium # sleep walking # wounds #

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