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This is only advisable and socially appropriate if you are a boy close to the same age. This advise does not apply for pedophiles who may be trying to victimize someone.

Given you are a boy looking to impress a fellow classmate, you should just be really nice and talk to the girl. Maybe buy her a snack at lunch one day. You could give her compliments.

If you really think she is wanted by everyone in the class and hard to get, then you could try and do something that makes her notice you like kick a bully's a55. But this is just a cheap tactic that does NOT make an everlasting impression. By the next week she will have forgotten about it and she will be concentrated back on her original schoolgirl crush.

But the hardest part of getting close to any girl is really having her start talking to you. After that, if you are friendly and LISTEN to her, it's pretty easy to get her to like you. A lot of boys think impressing a girl is by DOING someone cool. But that only impresses guys man! Girls are a different type of people. They like to talk.

So my advice, become a good listener and a good talker.

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Q: How can you impress a 9 year old girl?
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