How can you jump over a large rock easily?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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you have to eat half of the rock and then attempt if you are still alive

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Q: How can you jump over a large rock easily?
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How do you jump on a rock?

With over 9000 feet.

On Poptropica how do you get pass the goat and big rock?

you jump over the goat and then when the rock comes you have to either duck under it and/or (try) to jump over that,too!

How do you say jump over the rock in sign language?

Hi: Pound one fist on the back of the other hand; point 2 fingers down (like legs) and jump them over the other hand. [technically: rock - jump over]

If the same sequence of rock layers is observed over a large area?

A large deposit of rock formed over a arge area

How do you jump onto the last fire plat form on poptropica?

There are several caves on Poptropica, including :Shark Tooth Island - you have to climb up the rock with the big crawling wormNabooti Island (Diamond Mine) - you have to blast the rock and the wallTime Tangled Island (831 AD) - go over the large central rock and back down the other side

How do you get past the last volcano on Astro Knights Island?

There is no way to get past the volcano except to jump on the lava geyser rocks.If you want to go from the 5th rock on the lava geysers to the 6th rock on the lava geysers, you just have to jump over when both of them are moving down, and the rock will fall right under you. At the top, jump over to the volcano.

Where is the ice on the moon?

After you pass the goat its another one hes gonna help you up then walk right then jump over the mountain in jump on the rock in dodge the goat then jump on the rock and then you'll see the ice and then you cry like a sissy!

How do you get past the rock inchworm on poptropica?

you wait till its under water then jump to the to once it gets to the top again jump over it and go down

How do you get the page down from the top of the building on shark tooth island?

Push the large rock to the right until you can jump to the vine. Climb to the wooden platform and jump hard to your left.

How do you get the red nobboti stone?

first go to moon of Niagara falls go strait over the animal ten go strait and over the other animal get to were the cliff is over you the goat will trow you up there jump on the tree when you get to the second one jump up go to the left there jump on the rock and get the fruit on the cliff go back to the right then jump to the right next jump on the rock on the right and then jump to the left then jump over the goat and go to the left at the cliff jump right three times then up then jump to the left then jump to the right then keep going strait then jump on the rock then to the left jump then to the right there will be a man there he will only let you passe if you beat him at a game after you beat hi go inside , when you get to the cliff fall on the right there is a cellphone you will use it in Egypt then go up true the steps and jump to the poles sticking up from the ground jump on them until you get to flat floor or ground walk to the right and the red abbot stone will be there .

How do you move the rock off the map on big nate island?

Jump over the seals and push them both to the left side of the rock. It will tilt and you can get the map.

How do you jump over the first rock on the last level of ducklife 4?

Level up your jump, I had the same problem. around 170 should be more than enough