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Use some other kind of oral stimulant to keep you awake.

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Q: How can you keep from getting sleepy when you quit smoking?
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If you quit smoking will your emphysema keep getting worse?

no. it may get better instead

Does Kristen Stewart plan to quit smoking?

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How do you avoid lips getting black while smoking?

quit smoking... the best remedy.

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Getting a job, getting in shape and quit smoking.

Did Kristen Stewart stop smoking?

Yes. in J14 magazine she said she started to quit smoking and is getting support from rob.

When did david bowie quit smoking?

He quit smoking in 2002

Is it true that if you smoke tobacco you will die 8 minutes before?

No. If you smoke, you will undoubtedly shorten your life if you keep on smoking. People who quit, however, tend to live about as long as non-smokers, assuming that they quit before they start getting sick.

How can I quit smoking cannabis?

If you've decided you want to quit smoking cannabis, first it is beneficial to plan how you're going to quit (cold-turkey, etc.). Then it helps to have a support system in place (friend, family) to help you and keep you on the right track.

When was How I Quit Smoking created?

How I Quit Smoking was created on 1996-01-30.

How do you say quit smoking in french?

quit smoking = arrêter de fumer

Where can I find info on how to quit smoking?

Someone that is looking for information on how to quit smoking can use the website Canadian Lung Association. On this site one can find information on what smoking does to their lungs, different ways to quit smoking, and support for anyone that is looking to quit smoking.

Why do you gain weight when you quit smoking?

Smoking can cause loss of appetite. When you stop smoking your appetite will return and you will eat more often, causing weight gain. Some suggestions is to watch your diet more after you stop smoking. Exercising more after you quit can help prevent your body getting lazy.