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ADD presents a way to learn differently. Many people with ADD have above-average intelligence.

A patient may have ACT scores like Composite: 26, Scientific Reasoning: 28, get an 'A' in Chemistry Lab, but get an 'F' in Chemistry Lecture.

ADD evaluation is made from observations. Only a psychologist or psychiatrist generally has the training to put the ADD label on a person.

Your family doctor can make preliminary diagnosis, and help you try treatments, yet allow you to avoid stigma associated with societal stereotypes that many associate with people that seek a mental health professional.

You should ask your family doctor to refer you to a mental-health professional, if your results with your family physician do not fully help.

Be aware that antidepressents and central-nervous-system stimulants are not a complete treatment. CNS stimulants merely extend the amount of time you can focus, as when studying a boring subject.

The individual must still choose the task, open the book, and put effort into learning. No pill will do that for you.

Antidepressents can help supplement the brain to allow you more freedom to choose, but decreasing feelings of apathy and despair.

As an alternative, nutritional supplementation with chelated magnesium can also boost production of brain chemicals which decrease depression. Also, the herb, Damiana (Nature's Sunshine) works as a mild antidepressent. It does not work for bi-polar, or manic/depression.

But it can help someone go from staring at walls, to getting up and thinking that life is okay.

Young children learn well using visuals and manipulatives. That is, through pictures and things they can touch. Abstract thought is beyond their grasp.

An ADD person also learns best, visually, and with stuff they can touch. On-the-job training is much preferred over reading books on difficult subjects.

They can learn purely mentally, but must exert much more effort to concentrate, than do their peers. A college degree is well within their ability.


People with ADD/ADHD often have an accompanying disability (or disabilities) such as dyslexia, depression, and LD unspecified.

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Q: How can you know you have ADD and not a learning disability?
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