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How do you say hi in Powhatan language?

To say hello in the Powhatan language is " wingapo."

What language group did the Powhatan Indians belong to?

The Powhatan people spoke Powhatan or Virginia Algonquian, an extinct language belonging to the Eastern Algonquian subgroup of the Algonquian languages.

How many children did Powhatan chief Powhatan have?

3 martine beauty Pocahontas i learn from college

What language did the word hickory come from?

Algonquian Indian, perhaps Powhatan

What is native language and second language?

A native language is a language that you learn after you born and second language can be described as a language that you learn after your learn your native language. It is also possible that you can be a bilingual speaker.

What is the origin for the word raccoon?

From the Powhatan language 'Arakhunem' meaning 'he who scrathes with hands'

How do deaf children learn language?

Deaf children learn language exactly the same way hearing children learn language: by being exposed to it.

What languages are spoken by Powhatan Indians?

Today they speak English. Up until the 1790s, they spoke Powhatan, also called Virginia Algonquian. Nothing but a few words are known of this language.

What language does justin bieber want to learn?

He want to learn Arabic and china language

What is the hardest language to learn-?

The hardest language to learn is Japanese especially for an English speaker.

Is Romanian a hard language to learn?

Romanian is of a Latin origin and a phonetic language; I think that is not so hard to learn our language.

How do you switch your language?

learn the new language

What Tribe is the Powhatan tribe in?

Powhatan - The Powhatan Tribe (proper) is comprised of Americans who are descendants of Chief Powhatan or the Powhatan Tribe. The Powhatan surname is used to document historic Powhatan ancestry. A federally protected sacred burial ground of the Powhatan Tribe is located on Redstone

Who is Matoaka?

the daughter of a Powhatan the daughter of a Powhatan the daughter of a Powhatan

Where can you go to learn a language for free?

go to babble and make a account and you can learn am language fast

How do you learn a language in 10 days?

I think this is impossible. There is no way to learn a language in 10 days.

What is the hardest type of language to learn?

Arabic Is Definatly The Hardest Language To Learn And So Is Japanese,Correction:There's actually no such thing as a "hardest language to learn". It just depends on the person, their native language, and their motivations for learning.

What are the four language skills?

When we learn a language, there are four skills that we need for complete communication. When we learn our native language, we usually learn to listen first, then to speak, then to read, and finally to write. These are called the four "language skills":

What is the Powhatan word for fire?

Most Powhatans would say Catzahanzamusheis as the Powhatan word for fire. (or literally flame.) Most of the Powhatan language is forgotten, though John Smith recites some in his books and diaries and author William Strachey, and some simple words can be found online.

Do Indonesian people learn more than just Indonesian as a language?

Most of Indonesian learn Indonesian language as second language aside of their local regional language.

Is it possible to learn a language without studying grammar?

It is impossible to learn a language without studying grammar since it it is the crucial put of a language.

Is Assyrian language easy to learn?

I don't think so. Its really hard to learn Assyrian Language.

Is finish an easy language to Learn?

Every language is difficult to learn and takes time to fully be accustomed to it.

Why most people learn french as a IIIrd language?

Most people do not learn French as a 3rd language.

Which language is easiest to learn?

Spanish is the easiest language to learn, but some people don't think Spanish is the easiest, For Japanese people Spanish might not be easy.English is not the easiest language to learn. I think Japanese, Chinese,Korean, Russian and English are the hardest Languages to learnThe easiest language for an English speaker to learn is Scots.The easiest language to learn is the one with the most similarities to your individual mother tongue.

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