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exersize Eat fewer calories, exercise more. You will save money on junk food/fast food by not purchasing them and you will do your body good by exercising. There is not short cut when it comes to health and weightloss. Eat more fiber, drink more water and you will find yourself too full to eat junk or cave into cravings. Eat more veggies, fruits, and whole grains (look for 100% whole wheat and stay away from white bread or enriched bread). Start checking labels and watch out for Trans Fats.

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Q: How can you lose weight quickly and cheaply?
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What are the best way to lose weight quickly?

Try this because I lost 17lbs in 10 days : bi (remove the space)

Why should anyone not gain weight or lose weight too quickly?

because its unhealthy

How do you lose weight quickly with no side effects?


How quickly do anorexics lose weight?

Fast enough to kill them.

Where can one purchase the AARP book about how to lose weight quickly?

Weight is a very big issue in today's society. Many people are looking to lose weight quickly and can get an AARP book off of the popular Amazon website.

How can you lose 3 kilos a week?

If you want to lose weight quickly then cut out carbs and exercise,

What is a healthy diet that makes you lose weight quickly?

None. Losing weight takes patience.

How else can one lose weight quickly besides bulimia?

You can lose weight by exercising (not too vigorously) and having a well balanced diet

Do anorexic people lose weight quickly?

Varies from person to person.

What happens when you lose weight fast?

You'll gain it back quickly.

How much weight will you lose and how quickly?

It depends on your diet, exercise, and etc.

What food can you eat to lose weight really quickly?

peanut butter

What is the best diet to lose weight quickly?

It is lost quickly only in Halloween. Also Easter is a great holiday to lose weight and it will make you feel ten times better than you currently are.

What kind of products do online vendors offer for cheap weight loss?

To help lose weight cheaply many people will go online and get diet supplements. They can also get bracelets that supposedly help a person lose weight but these have never been proven to work.

Can you lose weight quickly and not diet?

Yes, but you'll gain the weight back faster than you put it on.

What is a term for the production of goods made quickly cheaply and in large quantites?

The term for the manufacture of large quantities of a product quickly and cheaply is known as mass production.

How can you lose weight very quickly without changin your diet?

DON'T try that!

How can you quickly lose a large amount of weight?

drinking a lot of water and do exercise

How can you lose a small amount of weight quickly?

put finger n throat

How do models lose weight so quickly for a shoot?

Some take DRUGS

What is the fastest way to lose 3 lbs?

You should never plan on losing weight quickly because the body needs time to get used to changes. Also, if you lose the weight quickly, you are more prone to gain the weight back much faster than if you lost the weight slowly.

Why is it not good to gain or lose to much weight in a short period of time?

Very generally, if u gain a lot of weight quickly, it can put a lot of stress on the heart. If u lose a lot of weight quickly it doesnt let ur metabolism adjust and u can gain it back easily. So if ur trying to lose weight lose it at a rate of about 3 pounds per week

Where can one find out how to lose weight quickly?

To lose weight quickly, there are many resources offering advice and tips. Magazines such as Mens Health or Weight Watchers can give advice and tips. All programs should include both diet and exercise to maintain health while losing weight.

Where can I find out more about lose weight quickly?

There are many ways to lose weight. Exercise and Diet go hand in hand. Ask your Doctor before starting a new Diet.

What is a healthy way for a vegetarian to lose weight quickly?

There is no healthy way for anyone to lose weight QUICKLY. Vegetarians, like everyone else, should lose weight slowly over time, by eating less calories than they burn, and exercising. Consult with your physician before changing any diet or exercise regime.