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The patch can fail if not put on right. If It's not staying on the right way, saying it got wet and is falling off, put on a new one soon as you can. Remebering when you need to change the patch will help form the patch failling.

AnswerDifferent medicines and some teas I have heard can affect the effectivmess of the patch. Calling your local pharmacist or the hospital or even a doctor and they could give you the list of the things that can affect the patch

The ortho evra patch is very effective in order for it to fail you would have to not use it properly and if you take antibiotics it increases your changes of getting pregnant.

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Q: How can you make the birth control patch fail?
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Can the birth control patch make your period shorter?

The birth control patch normally makes a woman's period shorter and lighter. This change happens with all hormonal birth control.

Can the birth control patch make you poop?

The birth control patch is not known to have a laxative effect. Contact your health care provider for advice.

Can the birth control patch make you mean?

heck yea

Can birth control pills make you fail a drug test?

no they are not tested for

Is the birth control patch more effective than the birth control pill?

With perfect use, the pill and patch are equally effective. Because you only have to remember to do something with the patch weekly, unlike the pill which is daily, it's harder to make mistakes.

What is the birth control patch?

The birth control patch is a combined hormonal birth control method. Instead of taking a pill, you apply a patch to the skin. The medication is absorbed by the skin, and you change the patch once a week for three weeks. On the fourth week, you wear no patch and have a withdrawal bleed, similar to a period. The next week, you start the cycle again. The effectiveness is comparable to the birth control pill, except that it's harder to make mistakes since the patient needs to do something weekly instead of daily.

Can the birth control patch make your period lighter?

All hormonal birth control methods, like the pill, patch, ring, shot, and the hormonal IUD, lighten the amount of flow you have. Any amount of bleeding or spotting counts as a period if you're on hormonal birth control.

What are some birth control pills that make your period lighter?

In general, all birth control pills, as well as the patch and ring and the Mirena IUD, make your period lighter.

Should you use a condom if you're on the birth control patch?

Using a condom when on hormonal birth control has a couple of advantages. It gives you protection against sexually transmitted infections, which the patch can't do. In addition, if you make a mistake with the patch, you'll still have protection against pregnancy.

You put on a birth control patch a week late Can it make your period late?

Your period may be late if you started the birth control patch a week late. If you had sex during that time, you may be at risk for pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test to be sure.

Does the birth control patch make your breast larger?

Yes to some woman others no. I noticed a difference in my breast

Is it safe to take Yaz birth control and 5htp or SaME?

This is something you will want to ask your doctor about to make sure there are no drug interactions that may cause your birth control to fail.

Does alcohol affect the birth control patch?

No, in no way.The patch does not make you immune to the effect of alcohol.i've looked online and it doesn't seem to say so. I use the patch myself and I also drink but it doesn't have an effect. You could try to talk to your doctor. Also being on birth control makes you drunk faster.

Can the Birth control patch stop your period?

If you put the birth control patch on before your period comes, you may miss that period; you may also have unscheduled bleeding or spotting. If you have been using the patch regularly, it's possible that it will lighten bleeding so much that you won't see a period. If you think you made a mistake with the patch, and missed a period, take a pregnancy test to make sure.

Can you put the birth control patch on your thigh?

Yes u can just make sure its in a spot where it wont come off

What do doctors do when you go to them for the birth control patch?

To get started on the birth control patch, the health care provider will take a medical history from you and check your blood pressure to make sure you're a good candidate for the patch. These days, you may be offered a physical exam, but it is not required. Getting tested for STDs at that time, usually through a urine test, makes sense.

Can the birth control patch cause breast tendernesss?

Breast tenderness is a common side effect when starting the birth control pill, patch, or ring. It usually goes away within three months. If you have made any mistake with your birth control method, or have missed a period, it makes sense to take a pregnancy test to make sure that's not the cause of the breast tenderness.

Would taking birth control make you fat?

No, it will make you gain a few pounds though. It's different for each kind though, There's the shot, the patch, the pill and the implant. I have the patch. I gained maybe 3-5 lbs.

Can the birth control patch change your period?

Yes, the birth control patch is likely to make your period lighter and shorter. It may also change the timing of your period. In the first three months of use, you may have irregular bleeding or spotting; after that, your bleeding pattern should settle into something regular that occurs every four weeks or so.

Could you get pregnant if you're on birth control?

No form of birth control is 100% if you are sexually active, this is why it is recommended that women use a hormonal form of birth control like the pill, patch, ring or shot and always make sure your partner uses a condom. This further reduces the chance of pregnancy and helps prevent the spread of STIs.

What if you remove the birth control patch late?

Then take it off and make sure you put on your next patch on the next scheduled day you're supposed to.Not much will happen. Your period may be a day or two late but that shouldn't affect when you put your next patch back on.

Does Topamax affect birth control?

If you're taking more than 200 mg of Topamax, it could make the birth control pill, ring, or patch less effective. Topamax does not affect how well Depo Provera, the IUD, or condoms work.

Why does birth control make me moody and nauseted when i first started birth control and if i miss one pill?

Some women are more sensitive to the fluctuations of hormone levels. Ask your presciber for a lower dose pill, or consider the ring or patch. And don't miss a pill. It only works if you take it!

Does birth control make it easier to get pregnant?

No. Birth control prevents pregnancy. it does not make pregnancy easier.

Can you get the birth control patch wet?

yes i take a shower everyday while on the patch and it has not fallen off and it is still effectiveYes of course you can, Just make sure it's stuck down properly afterwards. If it comes off too much just replace it as soon as you can.