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domperidone + fenugreek+ breast stimulation. You will need to make daily use of a breast pump to remind your breasts that they have work to do. Your pumping schedule should mimic the feeding schedule of your baby. That is, 10 to 20 minutes on each breast several times a day. With this effort, your milk should come back in no time at all. Thank you for wanting to do the very best for your baby.

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Q: How can you make your breast milk come back after 2 months of not breast feeding?
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What are some subtopics on an essay on breast feeding?

Here is a quick partial list of what comes to mind. Nutritional value of Breast milk Immunological benefits of breast feeding Emotional/mental health benefits of breast feeding Long term affects of breast feeding on the child; physical, emotional, Health benefits accrued to a breast feeding mother both short and long term. Adoptive breast feeding also known as induced lactation Cultural perceptions of breast feeding. America vs. worldwide, present time vs. historical. Extended breast feeding Erotic breast feeding/ Adult nursing relationships Cost/benefit analysis of breast feeding vs. formula feeding. Legal status of public breast feeding Issues faced by breast feeding mothers returning to work. These are just a few that come to mind. When you are done with the essay, post it on this site so we can see what you came up with!

Why is breast feeding good for a baby?

breast feeding is good for a baby because the baby is used to their mommy's skin, it has lived in her stomach of 9 months (may vary) but also it has come out her vagina, and touched her, and for now, is used to their skin. also this milk is at the right tempreture.

Can you start breast feeding four months after birth?

Yes. It may take a few days to stimulate the glands, but if the baby is sucking then eventually milk will come out.

Can stage zero breast cancer come back?

Yes, even stage zero breast cancer can come back.

My baby is now 2months i breastfeed on both breast but 1 is twice the size of the other they don't hurt or anything what could i do for my breast to come back to normal?

Sounds like breast preference, or you are starting with the same breast every feed. the reason for those kinds of things to happen is because the baby is probably feeding more from the smaller breast. for now, all you can do is stuf the smaller one, or leave them be. there's not point taking medicine or surgery; that could just mess up your body, trust me. when your baby stops breast feeding so constantly, your breasts will come back to normal.

When should you get your period after child birth?

You shouldn't get your period if you are breast-feeding. But if you have decided not to breast-feed, your period should come at about 6-10 weeks later.

Is it normal to have breast milk after after 14 months off giveing birth?

id like an anwer to this as well. i stopped breast feeding my daughter 2 years ago yet im still lactating. its not alot just enough that if my nipples are squeezed a few drops come out.

Can breast tenderness disappear and come back?

Are you pregnant or are talking about PMS symptoms, breast pains happens with both. Yes it can come and go.

Is it safe for a boy to have inverted nipples?

Yes, but it is funny ahaaa.. if you want them to come out i suggest you turn to breast feeding ahaaa

Will breast tenderness go away and then come back during pregnancy?


Husband doesn't think it is important to breastfeed our baby because he wasn't breastfed and he turned out fine How do you convince him that it is important?

I am sure you and your doctor have explained to him that breast feeding provides superior nutrition for his child and how breast milk also provides other health protection for hischild. Another thing you can talk to him about is all the things breast feeding does for you, his wife. While he will appreciate the protection breast feeding gives you from breast cancer and the mental health boost it will give you, there is another side benefit of breast feeding that will get his attention. What may most motivate him to get behind your decision to breast feed is that you can explain that breast feeding is one of the best ways for a new mother to regain her pre-pregnancy weight. Your husband is probably also concerned that by breast feeding your sex life will take a hiatus. He needs to be reassured that you and he will be as sexually active while you are breast feeding as you would be if you were bottle feeding. It is important that the both of you are working in concert as you raise and care for your child. If he does not support the decision to breast feed for an extended time, go ahead and tell him you do want to try it for just a little while. As he sees how important breast feeding is and how much good it will do for your family as a whole, I'm sure he will come around.

Can shingles of the mouth come vback after 6 months?

Yes, they can come back.

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