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Use DepoProvera

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Q: How can you make your period less heavy?
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How do you spell lighten?

That is the correct spelling of the word "lighten" (to make less heavy, to make less dark).

What do you do about a heavy period?

there isn't much you can do birth control can help with that though it makes flows more regular and less heavy get bananas it helps for cramps

Do heavy rainfall make ocean water more dense or less dense?

Less dense - temporarily.

Which is a way for the body to conserve water during period of heavy sweating?

The body will take in less water to conserve water during periods of heavy sweating.

What are Causes of late period?

pregnancy, stress. When I was in Hawaii I did A LOT of walking and I only got my period for about a day. In general probably a lot of physical activity would make it a lot less i don't know about late but it wouldn't be heavy.

You were taking flagyl and started your period should this make you bleed heavy or clot heavy?

No; perhaps you have another infection that Metronidazole does not treat

How does pulleys make your work easier?

With Physics; less work to lift heavy objects.

How do you slow down a heavy period?

Someone wrote tampons would slow down you period and they don't. Birth control pill often make you bleed less and there are also other pills. In my case also the painkillers do it because when taking muscle relaxers the cramp goes away so I bleed less. But talk to your doctor because there is help top get. A heavy period is not healthy in the long run. I have to take extra iron and B12 or I go anemic.

How much do heavy equipment mechanic's make a year?

The median offered salary for Heavy Equipment Mechanic positions during the observed period is $90,000.

Can what you eat affect how heavy your menstrual cycle is?

Yes, and surprisingly enough, the more food and the more healthy food you eat on the days leading up to your period, the less heavy it will be. Women with anemia and deficiencies are known to have heavy periods. A good idea if you want a lighter period to take in a lot of calcium, magnesium, and iron in the week before your period.

Does heavy rainfall make ocean water more less or dense?

Heavy rainfall makes water less dense because an increase in salinity leads to an increase in density. Rain does not contain any salt. Therefore heavy rainfall makes ocean water less dense. =)

They make the skull less heavy and probably act resonance chambers for?

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