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Q: How can you measure the bottom of your shoe if it has spaces and gaps?
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What is the bottom of a shoe call?

The bottom of the shoe is called a sole. Sole means the underside of the foot or of a shoe or boot, often excluding the heel.

Which shoe company produce shoes with cities on the bottom of the shoe?

The Nike shoe company

Where is your shoe which you lost in mosque?

you can find it on the bottom row of the shoe rack :)

Bottom of the foot or the shoe?


What do we call the bottom of a shoe?

The sole.

What type of outsole is on the Asics Top Seven?

The bottom of the shoe is made out of rubber on the Asics Top Seven and it is easy for the shoe to stick to the ground. Any running shoe that you get that is for running will have a bottom that sticks to the ground.

Can a shoe measure 20 cm?


What measure would you use to measure length of shoe?

You would answer it with cubic feet

What does a brannock device measure?

It computes the person shoe size. To find the person's shoe size

What are the things at the bottom of the horse shoe called?


Name something you find on the bottom of a shoe?


What is a feather line of a shoe?

bottom edge of the last