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The main point of a worm farm is to divert food scraps away from landfill, where they decompose in anaerobic conditions (that is, without any air), and so produce methane which is a gas about 20 times more harmful to global warming than carbon dioxide.

You can measure the effects by the amount of food waste you still throw away compared to the amount your worms eat. A worm will eat its own body weight in one day, so at the start, with 1000 worms, you can only feed about quarter of a pound (125 grams) of food scraps per day. Later, if your worm farm increases to 20,000 worms, you can feed much more.

And a side effect of your worm farm is, of course, the worm castings and urine, which make excellent plant food for your garden.

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Q: How can you measure the effects of a worm farm?
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How To Make A Worm Farm?

put them into a animal farm.

How do you collect worm pee from a worm farm?

normally have a pipe out the bottom of a plastic bin worm farm and just put a bucket underneath spout.

If you are worm farming worm how do they drink?

They just drink naturally and they use lips to drink water if you have a worm farm.

What is the best way to regulate the temperature in a worm farm?

The ideal temperature for a worm farm so the worms can breed is 65 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit (18 - 25 degrees Celsius). If you live in a warm climate, place your worm farm in the shade, in the garage or shed, or even inside, as a properly managed worm farm has no smell. On a very hot day you can run cooling water through your worm farm (open the tap at the bottom) and then cover with a wet blanket or tarpaulin.

What are the benefits of having a worm farm in your garden and how can you measure the effects?

Benefits: * You stop throwing food scraps and kitchen waste into the garbage where they end up as landfill, producing methane which contributes to global warming. * You produce an excellent plant food and fertilizer for your plants. * You throw away less garbage, thus saving fuel on garbage trucks and transport. Measure the effects: * Count, estimate, measure the amount of food you feed your worms over a period, for example, a small worm farm: 500 grams (1.1 lb) of food a day is 3.5 kilograms (7.7 lbs) a week, or 182 kilos (400 lbs) a year. In ten years that's almost two tonnes (2 tons) of food scraps you've diverted.

What food do you put in a worm farm?

A mud or A plant.

Why might one have a worm farm?

Worm farms are beneficial both to the farm owner and to the planet. You make nutritional soil to use and that soil helps the planet by being nutritional.

Why is the Worm Farm a good thing for your plants?

Worm compost is the absolute best in the world. Worm castings (poo) have all the microbes and bacteria that support the soil.

How much would it cost to maintain a worm farm?

A $5 worm thing online, and getting your hands dirty in the dirt?

How do you recycle food scrapes?

you make a worm farm or a compost bin

Can you put grass cuttings in your worm farm?

If its dry NO If Its Ok then YES!!

Can you feed feijoas to a worm farm?

if it is a citrus fruit then no it cant but if it is not citru then it can ! the answer to this question is no