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Bobby pins are for movies, handcuffs and luggage locks, and not much else. Anything above the most basic lock imaginable is bobby pin proof really. They're just not the right type of metal or the right size and shape.

They're good for handcuffs and for toy boxes though.

Below is a link to a video of how to use a bobby pin to open these locks. If you're trying to get into anything above that level of lock though, you're going to need a better tool.

Any lock that can be opened with a bobby pin is going to work on essentially the same principal as the handcuffs trick.

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Q: How can you pick a lock with a bobby pin?
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Can a bobby pin really pick a lock?

A simple enough lock, yes; anything that size is good enough if you know what to do.

How do you pick a lock with a bobby pin and a knife?

You probably can't. It'd have to be a very large lock indeed that a knife would fit into.

How do you pick a master lock with paper clips?

I have tried with the paper clip with the master lock but it doesn't work. I think a bobby pin might do the trick.

How do you unlock a door with a pin?

1. First stick the bobby pin on the door lock. 2.Then twist the bobby pin.

Name something that people use to pick a lock?

you could use a bobby pin a paper clip or maybe he key... lol :]

Is it possible to pick a lock with a bobby pin?

Yes. For most consumer level locks, all that you really need are a simple pick or rake tool, and a tension tool. I've personally picked locks using safety pins, paper clips, and various other thin metal objects. The concept remains the same regardless of the tools used. So, yes, it is very possible to pick a lock with a bobby pin.

What is the composition of a bobby pin?

thats how you pick locks in fallout

How do you open a diary lock?

you can use a bobby pin or take the lock of by pulling of rip it from the other side

How do you unlock a lock on a diary with a bobby pin?

That's a complete invasion of privacy!!

Can lock picking with bobby pins cause damage?

It's possible - remotely. It's also possible to flip a coin ten times and have it come up heads each time. It's not likely however. The lock parts are made of steel. It would take an extraordinary bobby pin to harm those parts. Even if it could, chances are that you'd cut your hand apart before you did any damage to the lock parts, even if you had a bobby pin strong enough to do so. Is it possible to damage the lock parts with a bobby pin? Yes. Is it likely? No, not remotely.

How do you open a lock?

With a key made specifically for that lock is the easiest way. Lock picking is a method of using tools--picks--to open locks, without a key, without damaging them. Locks can also be opened by drilling or by using a bump key or bolt cutters or a hydraulic jack, depending on the lock type. you could also pick it with a bobby pin and a pen cap.

What is the meaning of the term lock bumping?

Lock bumping is a type of lock picking procedure that is used when attempting to pick a pin tumbler lock. Lock bumping is done using a special type of key referred to as a bump key.