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Q: How can you prepare for kvpy exams?
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Tell the kvpy syllabus for 11th class?

Please give me some information about syllabus of KVPY so that i can well prepare for it

how to prepare for exams on reading vacation?

how to prepare for exams on reading vacation

How student can prepare for Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan YojanaDST fellowship exam Any study material is available in the form of guides?

As such there is no course of KVPY exam, its mostly 10-12 level. If you are preparing for any competitive exams then there is no need of extra efforts for KVPY. Also, there is a helpline started by few ex-KVPY fellows, if you any queries write to them. If i remember correctly their website name was or else search "kvpy+help" their link should be first in search results. They have a good discussion forums, you can always post your doubts in that(but sometimes they take long time to answer). Nitin

Books to read to prepare kvpy?

referring NCERT text books and much more knowledge obtaining books

How do you prepare for NSEP exams?


What is the syllabus of kvpy enterance exam and can you get the old year papers of kvpy?

we havent any syllabus for kvpy entrance exam

How to prepare for group 2 exams?

St be yourself

How do you achieve success in these exams and how to prepare ourselves for these exams?

Ever consider, oh I don't know, studying?

Pervious Years question papers of kvpy-41k?

can i get model papers of kvpy?

What is the syllabus of kvpy sa stream?

i need syllabus of kvpy sa stream

How to prepare for IB Exams efficiently?

To work hard with consistency

Can i get last years' kvpy papers of SA stream or any recommended books regarding KVPY qualifying xm?

Kvpy website / resonance kota website