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Simply by observing the position of celestial objects such as the sun & stars ! If the Earth didn't rotate, the sun would be in exactly the same position each day, and the side of the planet away from the sun would be frozen ! Additionally, if the earth wasn't rotating, the stars would be in exactly the same places in the night-sky !

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Q: How can you prove if the earth really rotates?
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How can you prove that the earth rotates on its axis?

we can prove that the earth rotates on its axis because we experience day time and night time/their is a change from day time to night time / night time to day time....

Who is the French Physicist who constructed a pendulum that helped to prove the earth rotates?

Jean Foucault

Who was the person to prove that the earth rotates?

Jean-Bernard-Leon Foucalt, in the 19th Century

What was used to prove that the earth rotates?

One method that was used by the early Greeks was the Sun Dial.

How does the Foucault pendulum prove the earth rotates?

* it holds hanging objects that pivots around fixed points

Is the earth really moving?

Yes, the Earth is really moving. It rotates fully one time per day, and rotates around the sun completely one time per year.

What do the earth rotates on what?

Earth rotates on its axis.

What evidence is there to prove earth rotates counter clockwise?

We know that the Earth rotates west to east (causing the sun to rise in the east and set in the west). And if you look down at the earth from the North pole, it will be rotating counter clockwise. if you look up at the earth from the south pole, then the earth will be rotating clockwise.

Earth rotates on its what?

The Earth rotates on it's axis.

What does he Earth do when it rotates?

It rotates.

How does earth rotates on its axis?

How does the earth rotate on its axis??it rotates on

The earth rotates on what is called?

The Earth rotates on an invisable axis.