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Be sure you aren't of a jealous nature and not second-guessing. Don't listen to secondhand gossip either. If you've seen him with his ex that's another matter. You have two options: Confront your mate and I have no doubt he'll deny it. Watch his eyes (he won't look at you in the face or his eyes will dart all over the place or his face may go red), body language such as shifting from foot-to-foot, walking off into another room or he may even fake anger and leave. He may act out-raged that you would accuse him or spin your accusations back on you. "Thou protests too much" is usually a dead give away. Your next option is to get one of your girlfriends (with her own car if possible and one your mate doesn't recognize) and follow him one night. When I was going with my first husband I had a gut feeling he was cheating and never asked him once, but, my sister-in-law (she was married to my husband's brother) and I loaned a friend's car and we followed him. Unfortunately, not only did I catch my husband cheating, but her husband was there and we caught them both red-handed! Good luck Marcy

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Q: How can you prove that your mate is cheating with his ex?
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If a man talks to his ex girl friends does that menn hes cheating?

a man can talk to his ex just like he can with a mate so no hes not cheating even if he still has feelings for u men dont always cheat on girls u know.

What do you do when your ex wants you back and thought you cheated and started dating his ex and did not talk to you about it?

'Ex' means the relationship is over and both of you were free to date anyone you chose. He accused you of cheating so it was possible he was cheating himself or, he may have been hurt previously by another girlfriend who cheated on him. A person who accuses their mate of cheating when that mate really isn't cheating and there is no proof shows that the accuser is immature; jealous and controlling or they are trying to hide from their own cheating habits. A good relationship is based on trust; loyalty and good communication skills so it would be to your best interest to keep going and leave this ex behind or you will only encourage more problems from him.

How do you prove you will no cheat in your ex again if he takes you back?

i can prove to my ex that i still love her/him or shes the only girl/boy I've ever love in my entire whole life or i will not do the things she/he doesn't like just to prove her/him that i still love him/her like cheating its rude to do such a thing like that but its up to you if you still want to cheat on your ex if he/she takes you back its still up to you......

What can be defined as cheating?

cheating is when you do the thing that you do with you babe or mate with another person

How do you deal with your narcissist ex cheating on you with a girl that work with him?

You are saying narcissist ex. If he is your ex he is not cheating on you and why would you care if he is your ex. Forget about this and move on with your life. If you think that this is cheating on you - better think again and also know that this will go on and on.

Is going out with your ex considered cheating?

No. Not unless you or your ex is in a relationship.

Can you get pregnant if your mate had a vasectomy?

If you are cheating, yes...

Does your cheating mate love you?

if your mate is cheating then he or she oviously dosent love you that much because they can bed some one whitch isn't really love is it

How can you tell if your husband is cheating you with his ex?

Your husband can show various signs when he is cheating. He might be mentioning his ex in various matters.

What to do if the girl you love is your mate ex?

ask your mate if he still has feelings for him... if he ddoesn't then you might have 75% chance to get with his ex.

Why are you missing your cheating ex husband?

You are probably missing your cheating ex husband because even though he cheated on you, you may still love him.

What if your man treated you badly and you had a sexual intimate relation with someone other then your man but did not have sex is that condonable?

Depends on your mate. Will he condone it? Cheating is dependent upon whether your mate condone your actions or not. If your mate is ok with relationships outside of the one you and he has, then its not cheating. If he does not...well then it is cheating. How he/she treated you is really irrelevant to infidelity.

How do you prove a boyfriend is cheating?

He will forget about you and he will keep it a secret.

What does it mean when your mate accuses you of cheating?

Cheating is an intimate relationship with a person other than your partner or spouse.

Why do i Dream about cheating on my husband with ex?

maybe u still have feelings for your ex

Should you take back your ex even if he cheated?

If you can understand what YOUR part in the infidelity was and can take responsibility for it, AND if your ex can do the same, there's a chance. It's very important to remember that cheating is a by product of greater issues. Let go of your ego and dig deeper into what you really want in your soul mate. If he/she is the one for you, then you can get through it. Remember, once you've made the decision to reconcile, the cheating CAN NOT be used as a weapon against your mate. You were part of it too. Own it and good luck.

How can you prove to your girlfriend im done cheating and hurting her?

There is no actual way to prove this. You just have to try and convince her by being nice and romantic and not cheating. Apart from that all you can do is hope for forgiveness.

What do you do if your ex-husband is getting remarried but is cheating?

If your ex husband is cheating or happily married, this is not your concern anymore. What he does now is someone else's problem and not your worry.

I dreamed about cheating on your girlfriend with your ex what does this mean?

Your girl friend is probably cheating on you the person who said this to you is probably dating your girlfriend without you knowing and then the person who said this plans on cheating on your girlfriend with ur ex girlfriend.

Is your guy cheating on you if he emailed his ex on Valentine's Day?

If he loves you, he would not email his ex.

Should you stay with a cheating girlfriend?

not unless u can prove it

If a mate is implying you are cheating should you question whether they are cheating?

* No, this does not mean that your mate is cheating because they are implying you are. If you are not cheating then they may have had a past experience (even one parent cheating on another) and they fear you are cheating. Some mates can be extremely jealous of the opposite sex coming anywhere near their partner and both reasons given is due to insecurity. Communication is the most important thing you will ever have in your relationship so the both of you should sit down and you should bluntly ask your mate that you feel they are implying you are cheating and why. If your relationship is mature then it will survive.

Is it cheating if you call an ex boyfriend just to talk?


What are some signs he is cheating with his ex?

if he hisbeing nicer or he is spending More time with you or saying u are cheating.

Should you confront a cheating spouse?

If an individual has proof their mate is cheating then they should always confront their cheating partner, but have proof. When someone who cheats knows it's wrong (and it is) and confesses to their partner they did cheat then that person deserves another chance, but when you have to catch the mate who is cheating they will most likely cheat again and it's time for you to move on.