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i believe u have to disconnect the battery terminals so u can restart ur computer, but if u have replaced the problem at any auto pat store can erase it for u that check 96 and below vehicles that are gm's

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2006-03-23 19:49:46
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Q: How can you pull the check engine codes on your 85 gm pick-up?
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How do you pull the codes for check engine light codes for a 2002 ford ranger?

All 1995 and later model vehicles require an OBDII scanner tool to retrieve the trouble codes.

Why is the Check engine light on in your Toyota Camry?

There are thousands of reasons. You need to pull out error codes. You can do it at local autozone store.

What does transmission malfunction means when you pull codes on a 2004 Dodge Neon?

I you pulled a P0700 out of the engine computer it means that you need to check the transmission computer (tcm) for codes also.I you pulled a P0700 out of the engine computer it means that you need to check the transmission computer (tcm) for codes also.

If you pull out the bulb for the check engine light on a 1998 Nissan frontier will the codes still be read?

Yes, the codes can still be retrieved and read by an OBDII scanner, even if the bulb is missing from the Check Engine Light. Don't understand why you would want to pull the bulb out unless you are trying to "fake" out of passing an emmissions or similar test on your vehicle. The Check Engine Light plays a very important part in warning of potential problems - I wouldn't pull the bulb out.

2002 engine runnig rought on mustang?

If it's running bad the check engine light should be on. Pull the codes or get it scanned to give you direction of where to begin the diagnostics

What liter pickup truck ENGINE needed to pull 6500 lbs trailer?

go to and check specifications of trucks and look under towing capacity.

How do you diagnose a check light that does not self check?

Pretty simple connect an obd2 scanner and it will pull the error codes for the check engine light then look up the error code and diagnose and fix your problem

What does check engine ecu mean on a volvo class 8 truck?

It means you need to hook up to a computer with the Volvo software and pull codes.

What does the Check engine light on a 2003 Mazda protege 5 mean?

It means you have a malfunction in the cars engine. If it blinks stop ASAP!.. You need a scanner to pull the codes to get to what exactly is wrong

How do you check transmission fluid in a Dodge Ram Pickup?

If your checking the level of the tranny fluid in an automatic you need to turn on the engine let it idle in park NEUTRAL and pull the dipstick.

If the check engine light is on and running lean whats wrong on the 99 expedition?

Go to Auto Zone they will pull codes for you for FREE. It may be the O2 Sensor

For a 1996 geo tracker when check engine light is on how do you pull the codes from the computer?

with a scan tool. go to a repair shop and they will have one or go to auto-zone an they can read the codes but they cant erase them like a shop can.

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