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How Can I Put A Movie That I Made On TV?


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she is remembered becaus eshe has her own production of a movie and own tv show

You don't, the producers of nickelodeon put there own shows on!!

no it was just a Disney chanel movie and was only on tv after a while they might put it on DVD

Yes. You are allowed to record a film off of television for your own personal use.

when he next does stand up comedy which is put onto a DVD or is next in a movie or tv programme

To add English subtitles on the TV, you can go to the menu with the remote or on the TV. Through the menu you can search for the subtitle command and chose which language to appear on the bottom of a show or movie.

yes everybody loves to make their own movies and videos they put it on youtube

Not if you don't own the rights for the quote.

Well, there's certain ways to put movies into Ipod Nanos. There's downloading and installing your own DVD. I installed my own DVD to put in The Simpson's Movie. This way you might have to copy a DVD or something like that. After that, The movie will be loading into Itunes, and then when it's there, you can drag it to *Your name here's Ipod* Then you might have the movie. It worked for me.

You make your video (Obviously) Then you put it on Youtube xx Finally Send The Video To MSP xx

You can not watch any tv shows or movies on the itouch unless you buy the movie or show on the iTunes store or make your own movie

Maybe. I sure hope to God in Heaven that they do! Don't you?! Maybe it'll be out after the 3D movie!

no you do not have to use the 3D in your 3D tv. its always on 2D unless you play a 3D movie and put it on 3D.

no he didnot have his own tv show

you need to put the tv and coputer signil an that how

Put up your own Antenna if you have a HDTV or subscribe to a Satellite service.

Like all people, put down an application and mail/email to the producer of an upcoming movie or exsisting TV show, and they will give you a response, normally no, unless they're looking for someone. W907

98% of the people in Brazil own a television.

Does Miss Piggy have her own Tv show

Well it's simple really. Setup a home entertainment system. Switch the Television to the channel/line which you set your VCR/DVD player. Put the previously bought movie in the appropriate machine. (See manual) Press play (Some machines do this for you). Get your favourite snack, and turn your head in the general direction of the television set. Now you'll be watching said B Grade film on your own TV!

The TV movie "Project: ALF" says they were put in a witness protection program relocating them away to Iceland.

The movie, 'The Christmas Shoes' was on TV in 2013. The movie is a movie that is shown on the Hallmark Channel.

There is no way to know who put the lunch can there unless we know if you are talking about a book, movie or TV show. There are two characters in the ABC Family TV series Pretty Little Liars named Ali and Mona.

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