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How can you recognize a coward?

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Are there really heros? Most people that are labeled a hero don't feel they are. So, if this is true how can you decide who is a coward and who isn't? Some people are quicker on the up-take in a bad situation such as helping someone in a car accident. Is it so bad to be afraid of being hurt or being killed? Sometimes the people you think are cowards are smarter than you think. What if you were with a date and going down the street at night and a gang of guys were hitting someone with Baseball bats or stabbing him? What would you do? Would it make sense to interfere and end up a statistic yourself or using your head and using your cell to phone the police? That's not a cowardly action although some may think it is. It's all in how an individual perceives it. Somewhere inside all of us is self preservation (an instinct) and if you listen to the news you hear about unsung heros all the time. The flood in New Orleans, the Tsunami, etc., where every day people like you and I not only saved themselves, but also saved and helped others less fortunate. Look at 9/11. We have a war going on and don't you think some of those soldiers haven't run over a few dunes lately to get away from the horrific nightmares of war. Are they cowards? Not at all. It's fear and when young death isn't your best friend and not understood as well as when you have had more experience in life and understand death a little better. Even then there are many adults who fear death. I don't believe there are cowards, but people who are peaceful and may not think the same as some of us as far as what some would classify as cowardly acts.

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Coward is a noun.

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