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1) Open Firefox

2) Press the Control+Shift+B keys to open the bookmark manager

3) Click on the button called: "Import & Backup"

4) Select "restore"

5) Select the date you want to roll back to and you're done.

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Q: How can you recover deleted bookmarks from Mozilla Firefox?
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If Firefox was uninstalled and deleted recover lost bookmarks?

Even when uninstalled or deleted, Mozilla Firefox will leave your bookmarks behind. They will still be there if you reinstall it.

How can you recover deleted password from Mozilla Firefox?

There is no option to recover deleted passwords once removed from Mozilla Firefox. You have to keep backup of your all passwords in case your passwords get deleted. It is also recommended to protect your passwords with a master password. You can even use Firefox Sync to get your browsing history, passwords on any device.

How can you recover deleted bookmarks from Google Chrome?

You cannot recover the deleted bookmarks from Chrome. These have to be added again to view.

How do I recover deleted history from Mozilla Firefox?

There is no way of getting back such internet data once deleted. If you have taken a backup of the history folder then you may restore the same.

How do you recover deleted history in Firefox?

It is not possible to recover deleted browser history using Firefox. However, it is possible to set the history to never be deleted in the browser settings menu.

Can you recover deleted history in Firefox?

In order to recover your deleted Firefox history, you will need to use the System Restore feature in your computer. This is a Windows program that periodically makes a snapshot of your computer. Once you choose a restore point, your history will return to your browser.

How can you recover deleted bookmarks in internet explorer?

i am using internet explorer 7 and i deleted work related bookmorks and need help??? anyone? Answer: If you delete book mark then you can not recover bookmark. If you get book mark backup and then you can restore other wise you can recover through third party software.

Why is important to Recover deleted files?

It is just important to recover deleted files that are needed.

How do you recover deleted Google Chrome history?

You cannot recover deleted history from browser like Chrome. It cannot be brought back if deleted from browser.

How do you recover deleted Friendster comments?

How do i recover friendster comments?

How can you recover deleted bookmarks from the Safari operating system for Mac OS X?

1. Go to the 'Finder Icon'. 2. Type in the bookmark's name. Note: This will search your computer for deleted items, and then you can restore them. I tried that, it didn't work. After loosing my mind on the net, looking for the answer, I tried the simple Ctrl+z (Cmd+z), on the bookmark page I was ruining minutes before. It worked... I don't know where from it got back the bookmarks, but it did.

How can you recover chat history on facebook after you have deleted it?

Thank me later.. cheers mate