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Lubrication to reduce friction. To increase friction step on the brakes.

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Q: How can you reduce and increase friction?
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Does sand reduce friction?

No, sand does not reduce friction but increase friction.

Does friction decrease or increase?

Wax, due to it filling the pores that cause friction will reduce friction.

Does overpolishing of surfaces increase the friction between them?

No it does not. It will actually reduce the friction between them.

What factors that increase or reduce friction?

Lubrication or lack of it

Does Articular cartilage increase friction between bones?

Cartilage in joints REDUCE friction.

What two things could you do to increase the momentum of the ball?

Reduce friction or increase slope.

What makes friction bigger?

Friction isn't a size. You can increase friction by increasing the pressure on two objects as they pass, or reduce lubrication between them.

Why handles of utensils are made of plastic?

Heat insulators & to reduce slippage (increase friction).

To create friction in your hands what do you have to do?

You can increase the friction by increasing the roughness of the surface you are working on. Reduce the speed of the moving object, or increase the weight of the body you are working on. Increase the surface area of contact.

Does soap increase friction?

In many situations soap may be used to reduce friction. For instance, a carpenter may use soap on a wood screw to reduce the friction between the screw and the wood into which it's being driven.

What are the different ways on how to reduce and increase frictional force?

Polishing the surface or coating it with a lubricant is a way of reducing friction. To increase friction just hammer some ridges on the surface.

Why is it important to reduce friction in a car engin?

Friction has two unpleasant effects: 1) it increases wear and tear, 2) it wastes energy.