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Go to your Hardware Store as they have some great products out there for getting moss off the roof of one's house. One mixture would be 1/4 cup of trisodium phosphate (TSP) and one quart of household bleach in 1 gallon of water. Do NOT use a pressure washer on composite roofs, as it can loosen the granules from the shingles, reducing its lifespan by 3 to 5 years. Don't forget those gutters! Be safe, and wear good runners or gumboots with good tread to prevent sliding off the roof.

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Q: How can you remove moss from roof?
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How do you remove mold from roof tiles?

Mold or Moss? I saw a program on TV and the roofers just brushed it off with a stiff brrom. You may need access to a roof ladder. Mold or Moss? I saw a program on TV and the roofers just brushed it off with a stiff brrom. You may need access to a roof ladder.

Is moss harmful on your roof tiles?

No not particularly However it can be easily cleaned of with a pressure cleaner.

Can roof paint be used on paving?

NO - there are special paints for paving -after all, how often do you walk on your roof . In addition, some roof paint has chemicals to prevent moss from growing there, and it is rough like sandpaper.

How do you remove an old tv antenna on your roof?

To remove an old television antenna from your roof, you will need a ladder and a screw driver. You'll need to go up to the roof and unhook the antenna.

How do you remove slippery moss from your brick walkway?

Use a roundup to kill the moss, after it is dead pressure wash it off.

How do you remove the rear roof speaker cover and remove the speakers?

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How do you remove roof on frontera?

SWB moon roof is removed by unclipping the 4 clasps.

What is an environmentally friendly way to treat and prevent moss on the roof?

A copper strip on both sides of the ridge.

How easy is it to replace roof shingles on a budget?

We need to tear out a spot on our roof. How difficult is it to remove and replace roof shingles on our own?

How do you clean lichen off a roof?

You need chemicals to remove lichen from a roof. Hire a professional to do it.

Can you make a claim on your home owners insurance if a tree is causing your roof to get soft spots and gather moss?


Can you remove the roof from an early range rover?

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How do you kill moss on your roof without damaging the shingles?

Chlorine Bleach. Simply pour over the moss, wait a day or two and it will come right up without damaging the shingles. You can even sweep it off with a broom. Since the bleach won't react with the asphalt in your shingles, it is perfectly safe to use. I have used a product called moss off. It comes in a sprinke can & you sprinkle it around the ridge of the roof. Then next rain activates it and the runs down to cover the roof. Works pretty good & its not too expensive

Is there an alternative to a roofrake to remove ice?

first we need to know where you want to remove the ice from-- and lets not forget -- the roof rake is meant for pulling snow off the roof not ice

How do you remove a sunroof on a 1996 Mercedes C220?

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How can you remove moss from sandals?

Moss is a type of Fungi. Bleach kills fungi. Dilute regular household bleach with about 50% water and wipe with a rag.

Can you remove an high top off an 1995 Chevy van?

No. They cut out the original roof, and place the fiberglass in place over the hole. You could remove if you welded on a new roof panel.

Should you remove snow and ice from your roof or allow it to melt off?

No, take it off your roof. It will pool up water come spring, and might dent your roof.

How do you remove the roof racks off of a dodge magnum?

you will probably have to take the headliner down to get to the nuts that hold the rack to the roof.

Why should you remove the old tar paper when you put on a new roof?

It is just better for your roof and makes it last longer

Who can help prepare a home to be sold?

A home which looks to be attractive and clean will helps to sale for much price, so here comes the wayco services, which helps in roof cleaning, roof coating, roof coloring, moss removals and coating, etc Source :

Why is it good to remove snow from your roof?

It is good to remove snow of your roof is because when you close the door you might close it hard and then a pile of snow will fall non top of you and you don't want that to happen do you.

What will moss do to asphalt shingles?

Moss will hold water, and eventually rot the shingles. (Added) Moss puts down roots into the shingles, loosening the top granular protective layer. In addition, it will leach out the oils which give the shingle flexibility, drying and cracking them and leading to shingle loss and premature roof replacement. The additional water will freeze during the winter, lifting the shingles up, loosening the nails and allowing for shingle loss during winds, and for water penetration into the sheathing. Many a moldy attic has been traced to moss on the roof, which is why insurance companies are now starting to dictate it be removed safely (no pressure washing!) by a professional roof cleaning company.

How do you remove a Chevy Trailblazer roof rack?

The entire rack is screwed into the roof of the SUV, up from the SUV roof into the rack. However, if you want to remove the 2 cross-bars, pop off the black plastic "half-cones" at the front of rack, and then the bars can be removed.

Does dawn kill moss?

"YES"... 4 oz dawn ultra, the blue liquid, ( not the anti-bacterial), 4oz to 1 gallon of warm water.. I applied to moss around the yard, it killed the moss, but all the grass too and now I have dead spots all over the yard... It must be very toxic in the soil because new seeding will not grow in the spots either.... I then sprayed the moss on the roof, it killed the moss better than the "moss killer" from the hardware store.....