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Please.. Don't use baking soda when you have the white spots on your teeth - I did and they stayed with me ALL day... It was embarrassing! So, Please, don't even try when you have them occurring. I have also used it to whiten my teeth later in the day for the spots to only come back the next morning. I've looked into this to find a couple of things that could be happening. They say - If you are just noticing them, they may be brand new cavities (noticeable near the gums). If they are near the edges of your teeth, it could be hypocalcification. However, if they seem to come and go, it may be related to a mouth-breathing habit. If your teeth dry out, the white spots will become more evident. Personally, mine tend to appear in the morning as I've woken up and disappear around mid morning with the help of eating and drinking. They too are on the front two teeth. So, I could be between hypocalcification or a mouth-breathing habit. Anyway, after looking it all up THE ONLY WAY to rid it is to go to a dentist whom will help perfect your smile by putting some bonding material over the top of it. THE ONLY WAY to help it - is like others have said - stop with so much candy / soda and replace it with brushed teeth being the last thing you do before you go to bed and start your day with AND drink lots and lots and lots of water to help keep your teeth hydrated. :( ... but, it's off to the dentist.

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Q: How can you remove white patches on your teeth?
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White patches on baby teeth are actually very common. It is called Enamel Hypoplasia and it is usually caused by trauma or other disturbances during the mineralization process of that tooth.

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There is no guarantee. The crest white strips will certainly help whiten teeth. Some people claim having excellent results in getting rid of white spots on teeth while others do not. In general, this is a good teeth whitening solution.

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You need to talk with a dentist about this. You might not be getting enough calcium in your diet. They can bleach your teeth for you safely.

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