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アイススケート /ai su su kee to/ [taken from the English term] as well as 氷滑り /koo ri su be ri/ [literally: sliding on ice] in Japanese mean 'ice skating'.

[ee = elongated 'e' sound , oo = elongated 'o' sound]

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'Ice Hockey' isアイスホッケー (aisuhokkee) in Japanese. It is pronounced (roughly) as:

アイス (aisu) - pronounced very similarly to 'ice'

ホッケー (hokkee) - 'hock-kay'

Example:兄はスポーツが苦手�から、アイスホッケーをすることを拒否する (ani wa supootsu ga nigate dakara, aisuhokkee o suru koto o kyohi suru) - "My brother refuses to play ice hockey because he is bad at sports."

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ホッケー (hokke-) is the Japanese equivalent of the English word 'hockey'.

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ホッケー (hokkee)

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Q: How can you say ice skating in Japanese?
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