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Q: How can you say still employed different than still?
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What is the correct sentence Employed at or employed by?

if you are talking about your boss specifically or if you are working with a sole employer you say employed by. If you are talking about a business as a whole you say employed at.

Is Mike Wallace still employed?

I would think not at 90 years old I would say he needs a break!!!!

When you say something do you say different from yours or different than yours?

The correct way is, "different from yours".

Do you say different to or different than?

The grammatically correct form is, "different from".

Should you say different than or different from?

Different 'from' is grammatically correct.Different 'from' is correct.

What does coma mean in french?

it is still coma but it is different to say

Do all waves of light have the same frequency?

No. Actually, everything in the world has a different frequency. Lets say you had a twin. Your twin would still have a different frequency than you. If you want to learn more, leave a message on my page.

Would you say different then or different than?

Neither. The correct phrase is "different from". The phrase "different than" is commonly used in the US, but it is not grammatically correct. 'Than' should only be used when degrees of comparison are applied, as in "less than", "fewer than" or "more than".

How do you say 'self employed' in Spanish?

trabajadores por cuenta propia

What would you say is the principle means of characterization employed by the author?


Is it correct to say different from or different than?

Different from is correct. Consider saying 'This marble differs FROM this marble' and apply it to different. 'Different than' is an Americanism. However, it's preferable to the heinous 'different to', which has become commonplace in Britain.

Is this the correct way to say His shirt is different than mine?

The correct way is, "His shirt is different frommine"