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How can you see the deleted messages on facebook?


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2012-06-12 11:47:16
2012-06-12 11:47:16

If you completely deleted the messages, from the message box, you cannot retrieve your messages. If you cleared the messages from the chat box, you can go to your messages at the top of your fb page and click on MESSAGES, and your messages should still be there.

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How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages red this setap

If u deleted it , then . If the person you sent them to deleted them , then u can recieved them .

Nope, once they are deleted, they are gone forever.

I dont think you can, Once its deleted, its deleted.

You cannot see your deleted friends on Facebook. You can only see the friends which are blocked by you.

You cannot see the deleted posts/statuses on Facebook.

You cant, only the viewable messages, if they are deleted they cant be recovered

You can see your history of text messages sent at the phone provider's website if you have deleted messages.

If you get notifications to your email even if the status is deleted on facebook, you can still see it on the email notifications.

You can not get your deleted messages back once they are deleted from your phone inbox.

Messages Deleted was created in 2009.

since the government controls the internet its possible for them to have everyones password and everything all the deleted files go somewhere in this bin (aka the recycle bin) and its possible for them to type your name in then have your old deleted messages

No, your other friends on Facebook will not be able to see your messages that you send to a single friend. Private messages are just that - private.

You can recover deleted iPhone text messages yourself, with several downloadable software. A STEP-BY-STEPguide to recover deleted iPhone messages is available--see the links.

I will view at "Trash" , but if it will be deleted from here i cannot see it again.

There is a messages icon in the top left corner of the page.

Despite various rumors, there is no way of retrieving deleted messages on Facebook. Immediately after you delete a message in your private Inbox, you are given the option to "Undo" - above the message - but that is it. Once a message is gone, it's gone; there is no way to recover it later.

You can't unless you hook up your phone to a computer then you will probably be able to pull up deleted messages.

To recover deleted messages from Sprint go to the Admin console and select messages. Once the messages menu appears select 'deleted' Once this is selected the deleted messages will appear.

You can to an extent. After about 20 messages the others begin to delete.

They may get deleted if your inbox is full, but if it's not that much, they keep it on. Most of the time you will find them in the archive section.

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