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All the answers below work to some extent, the main theme in each answer is the same. The broody hen just wants to be left alone and if she is bothered too much she will stop brooding. Keep her occupied and away from the nest she has chosen. Remove any and all eggs, move her as often as possible and bother her, making her uncomfortable. This will work in most cases.

Why not just remove the eggs? She willll sit on nothing for a couple days but she will figure it out! Dunk the hen's belly in a pail of cold water until feathers are soaked several times a day. Continue soaking until the hen ceases being broody (usually couple days). Tried, tested and true. Removing the eggs is best way, but be careful; depending on the breed, some hens will be very stubborn. I once had a hen who went broody, we candled the eggs after a week and saw they were bad so we removed them. She would not leave the nest. We kept feeding her at the nest but we had to get her off. We forced her off the nest into a nearby pen with the other chooks. She paced the fence for days, dug under the fence and raced back to her empty nest. She had lost a lot of weight and by the time she gave up on her empty nest more than three months had passed. === === I usually put the hen in a pen with no roost and then put a rooster in with her. Young roosters that are very "sexually excited" work best. She will get bothered and will get out of the broodiness stage. Also you could try putting her in a wire pen with a wire bottom off the ground. The wind will blow under her keeping her cooler and she will get out of the broodiness mood.

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Q: How can you stop a broody hen from being broody?
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How long when the hen lay eggs after mate?

The hen will continue to lay eggs regularly, unless she goes broody. In this case, she will stop laying eggs and will not begin for about a month after she has has been either forced to stop being broody, gives up, or her eggs hatch.

Can a hen quit being broody after a couple of weeks sitting on eggs?


Is there a special name for a hen who wants to sit on her eggs all day?

A hen who wants nothing more out of life than to set on her (or other hens) eggs is called a "broody hen," and the behavior is called, being "broody".

How do you hatch a duck egg without an incubator or mama duck or broody hen?

With a Momma Duck! Or you can use a broody hen, if you have chickens.

What are sentences using the word broody?

A hen will get broody when she needs to lay an egg. or Mary can get broody when she thinks she has been insulted.

Can you make a hen un broody?

Yes, you can stop a hen from brooding but it takes patience. Daily removal of the eggs laid and gathered by the broody hen. Relocation or removal of the chosen nesting box. The hen will protest, she can be taken out of her nest and forced outside with the rest of the flock. It can take days of repeated action to convince the hen, this is not acceptable behaviour at this time.

Will a hen always become broody in its life?

It depends on the individual hen, and what breed that hen is. Not every hen will go broody in her lifetime. There are many breeds - such as egg layers - that have been breed to NOT be broody. So therefore, the chances of breeds like that going broody are slim to none. However, you have breeds like cochins and silkies that are very frequent brooders.

How do you encourage a hen to hatch chicks?

You cannot force a hen to go broody. Hens will go broody or not and only the hen will decide. Allowing a clutch of eggs to gather might attract a hen to brood but that is doubtful.

What is chicken's mother called?

A mother chicken is a HEN Also Known as a broody hen/hen with a brood.

What is a mother chicken called?

A mother chicken is a HEN Also Known as a broody hen/hen with a brood.

What do you do to get a hen to go broody?

you cant create a chicken that is broody. They have to have the instinct. You can encourage her to go broody by placing eggs under her and letting her sit on them

How can you tell if a chicken is broody?

A broody hen is easy to spot. The hen will remain on the nest when the other hens are going about their daily routine. The hen will often be aggressive when you reach in to remove her eggs. If you remove the hen from her clutch of eggs she will often run right back to the nest, protesting loudly. The broody hen will not roost with the other birds but remain on the nest over night.

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