How can you tell a virgin from a person who's not a virgin?


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The only sure way to know if someone's a virgin or not is by asking.

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no the only person who can tell you is herself

It's difficult to tell whether one's a virgin from an expression but by constantly talking to someone you can tell whether she is not a virgin or it's easier to tell a non-virgin than a virgin.

if the girl is freaky tell her u not a virgin but if she not a freak tell her you are a virgin

a person whos addicted to material things and whos stupid and is taciturn.

ask anyone if they do and then you could ask the person whos girlfriend you like what they would do if they knew

You can't tell anyone is a virgin unless they tell you, celebrity or not.

You cannot be a pregnant virgin

No you can not tell a virgin by just looking at her nipples, you must look at her hymen.

Not unless ur a doctor, the average person won't know. Or if u had sex with enought virgin to know by experience.

wit a girl if yhu hav sex or finger her nd she loose she nt wit a boi its really hard to tell but the bst thing ta do is ta ask tht person if they ar a virgin

the only way to to tell if a girl is a virgin is to simply ask her if she is a virgin

we should write the address of the person to whom we are sending

you can tell by if there is a light on your webcam

He has to tell you and you have to take his word for it.

Ask her. Nothing will tell you.

a person whos name is chris

There is no way to visibly tell the difference between a virgin and a non-virgin.

A person is a virgin until the have vaginal sex. Once vaginal sex has occurred, a person is no longer considered to be a virgin.

A virgin is a person who never had sexual intercourse.

You need to see a doctor a guy doesn't bleed when he is a virgin. That would be something wrong. The only way she can tell if you are a virgin is if you tell her.

There is no way to tell if a boy is a virgin unless he tells you.

The word virgin comes from the Virgin Mary, who is the mother of Jesus. A virgin is a person who has never had sex.

If he has had sex he can tell. He would expect you to be very tight if you're a virgin. If you've only had sex once, he might not be able to tell.

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