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how can you tell if Jordan shoes are fake or not??


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How can you tell Jordans are fake?

if the Jordan symbol is backwards

Are Jordans fake?

some of them could be fake but if you know how to tell the difference between fake jordans and real ones youll be good if not well just quit the game =)

Do you have fake jordans?

'We' don't have fake anything. There are fake Jordans available.

Is it true that Air Jordans are fake?

some of them are fake

Where to buy fake Jordans?

you can buy fake jordans in almost every Arab store & every non- popular store.

Are Jordan shoes from china fake?

some jordans are made in china so NO they are not fake

How do you know if your jordans are fake?

If you payed like 50$ for it

Is the Jordans on the website open321 real?

No they are replicas (fake)

Where were air Jordans manufactured?

Air Jordans air manufacture in China. Air jordans are made many places. most jordans are made in china. alot of fakes ( fake jordans) are made in china. companies that usually unheard of are fake shoes from china. other shoes are made in new york and LA . ( stores, LA FLIGHTCLUB

Are jordans with air max bottoms real or fake?

I think they real cuz i have a pair of retro 10 jordans

Why are jordans made from china?

becasue most jordan shoes are made from china and some jordans that coem from china are fake and not real but that why jordans are made from china

Are Air Jordans made in china?

no, if they are made in china there fake

How do you know when Air Jordans are fake?

If it says PAT its fake if its US or UPC they real ya feel me

How much are fake jordans worth?

No more than payless shoes...

Are mainbelt shoes real?

some of them.. most jordans are fake though

How much do fake jordans cost?

They cost $50-$60 at the most

Should you wear fake jordans to basketball practice?

Well i didnt know fake jordans were real but no...if you wear anything fake everyone will think your not serious about basketball unless it is a recreational league or something like the YMCA, you don't want to be thought of as a phony

How do you know when af1 jordans shoes are fake?

if the tag in side the shoe says UPC they real If say PAT they fake

Are Air Jordans manufactured in Indonesia?

Yes,but a majority of them are fake Hope this helped

Is jordans click website fake?

I hope this site is'nt fake because i ordered shoes and i am waiting to receive them , if they do not send i will sue.

Is it illegal to sell fake jordans?

Yeah, and the feds are breaking down people doing this.

How can you tell if your Jordans are authentic?

You can tell if your Jordans are authentic by checking the label of the product and if it looks authentic then you could assume they are real because the trademark is hard to imitate.

What store sells Jordan shoes?

Air Jordans are sold everywhere, Footlocker, Finishline, Shek, Underground Station, Niketown and many more places. BEWARE OF FAKE JORDANS!!! If you see a price for jordans that are only 60 dollars and are brand new they could be fake or if a person from a small business is selling them they could be real because the person selling them could buy them in huge quantities. Also watch out for fake colorways if you don't want to get clowned on, stick to the red and black colorways, if you see some lime green and yellow jordans then those are way fake. hope this helped

Do street retro sell real jordans?

Nah i ordered some n they were fake than a ....

How much do Air Jordans cost in china?

20 $ but its difficult to find some beacause most of the are fake