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How can you tell if a 1994 Pontiac Grand Am uses R12 or R134a freon?


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There should be a sticker under the hood indicating whether it uses R12 or R134A. Unfortunatley a lot dont. The only way to tell is by the high and low side fittings. R12 fittings are bothe the same size. R134A has two different size fittings where one is larger than the other, ussually the high side fitting is larger than the low side.


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It depends on the year of the car. From 1994 on, R134a refrigerant is used. Prior to that, they used R12 refrigerant (Freon). R134a is technically not "Freon". Be alert, however, as many older cars (like my 1986 Camry) have been retro-fitted with R134a systems, and can no longer accept Freon, as the two refrigerants are not compatible.

r134a they stoped using r12 in like 1994

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Chevy switched from R12 to R134a for the model year 1994. Your truck should be R134a.

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