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Hermit crabs dont breed in captivity, they need the ocean. But to tell, the hermie has a sack of eggs, but its different from a the sack they have when they are about to molt. Its in near the abdomen.

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How can you tell if a female hermit crab is pregnant?

They don't get pregnant, all invertebrates egg-layers.

How do you tell if your land hermit crab is pregnant?

It turns out to be very easy to tell if a crab is pregnant. First, look at the crab and make sure it's a crab and not a squirrel or something. If so, it's not pregnant, because crabs don't get pregnant. They lay eggs instead.

How do you get hermit crabs pregnant?

- Hermit Crab lover == ==

Can a hermit crab tell if the person is their owner or not?

yes a hermit crab can tell if a person is their owner or not.

How do you tell if your hermit crab is pregnant?

Answer: Hermit crabs don't breed in captivity. If yours has babies, you could be rich for knowing how.

How long does a hermit crab stay pregnant?


How do i tell what a girl hermit crab is from a male hermit crab?

There are many theories, but scientists are still trying to discover that out. Since not much attention has been focused on the hermit crab

How you can tell that your hermit crab is a female?


Can you tell if a hermit crab is a live?


How do you tell if your crab is a boy or a girl?

You can tell if a hermit crab is a boy or a girl by the size of their claws.

What to do with pregnant hermit crab?

Hermit crabs have NEVER reproduced in captivity. If yours do, call the news.

Can you use dirt for a hermit crab?

you can get special dirt at the pet store, they should tell you which one is the best for your hermit crab.

How can you tell if your hermit crab has died?

A hermit crab has died if you smell dead fish and you didnt feed them sea food.

How is a hermit crab and rock crab different?

well a hermit crab is much more cuter and you can tell by the names so my advice well just look up firs a hermit crab than a rock crab on google images

How do you tell a land hermit crab from a water hermit crab?

You can tell a land hermit crab from a water hermit crab by looking at the claws/arms or legs. If it is a water crab it will be blueish and if land crab it will be pinkish purpleish. If your crab is a water crab don't just throw it in water and leave it there, put a tiny bowl in it's tank or cage that is low to the ground and make sure that the water level is a bit lower than the hermit crabs top of its legs. Also have a wet sponge for each kind of hermit crab in the crabs tank.

How do you tell if a hermit crab is a girl?

i dont think you can

How can you tell what type of hermit crab you have?

The store tag

How do you tell if your hermit crab is pranget?

It gets fat

How do you tell a hermit crab from a sand crab?

sand crabs have either a flat shell or no shell and hermit crabs always have a shell and plus a hermit crabs can tuck into their shells when a sand crab can't

Is my hermit crab dead?

If you smell dead fish, and you didnt put sea food in the tank than yes. Another way you can tell if a hermit crab if dead is by the claw of the hermit crab to be limp.

Can you tell a boy hermit crab from a girl hermit crab by color?

No. The only way to tell sex is if the crab has gonopores (two spots the size of a pinhead) on the underside of it's third pair of legs.

How can you tell a female land hermit crab from a male land hermit crab?

Scientists have been studying that question for years and still say that so far there is no way to tell with gender the hermit crab is. Also they don't know how to breed a hermit crab in captivity because the crab eggs go floating through the pcean and we don't know what mixed in with the crab's egg.

What does a hermit crab grow in to?

a hermit crab

What color is a girl hermit crab?

There isn't a specific male or female colors. It's very hard to tell which gender your hermit crab is

Can a hermit crab tell if the person is their owner?

none of your bussness

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