How can you tell if a man loves you?

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December 28, 2006 4:34PM

Ask him if he does. If he says yes, ask him why. In your own way, make it clear to him that you require a serious answer. Love (not lust) is about caring more about your partner's needs over your own. A classic red flag is when a man appears to be IN LOVE very soon into the relationship. Lasting love takes time to build. Many insecure, potentially jealous, and neurotic men move very quickly to sweep a woman off her feet in an effort to possess her. This may seem flattering at first, but it is a recipe for disaster. When a man is in love (and I mean a MAN over the age of 25), he doesn't give excuses as to why he's not ready for marriage, not ready for a committment, and does not stay in a relationship more than 18 months. Men will linger in a bad, going-nowhere relationship if the woman willingly gives him sex. A wise woman knows to move on if marriage is her ultimate objective. If he truly loves her, her won't let her go and will be ready to make the committment. They still think you are beautiful no matter what crazy thing you did to you hair.