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Ask him if he does. If he says yes, ask him why. In your own way, make it clear to him that you require a serious answer. Love (not lust) is about caring more about your partner's needs over your own. A classic red flag is when a man appears to be IN LOVE very soon into the relationship. Lasting love takes time to build. Many insecure, potentially jealous, and neurotic men move very quickly to sweep a woman off her feet in an effort to possess her. This may seem flattering at first, but it is a recipe for disaster. When a man is in love (and I mean a MAN over the age of 25), he doesn't give excuses as to why he's not ready for marriage, not ready for a committment, and does not stay in a relationship more than 18 months. Men will linger in a bad, going-nowhere relationship if the woman willingly gives him sex. A wise woman knows to move on if marriage is her ultimate objective. If he truly loves her, her won't let her go and will be ready to make the committment. They still think you are beautiful no matter what crazy thing you did to you hair.

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When a man doesn't tell you he loves you?

When a man don't tell you he loves, just leave he might tell you he 'loves' you when you leave but that's it.

How do you know if the man you are sleeping with loves you?

He will tell you.

What are the signs that a man really loves you?

If the man trully loves you he should be brave enough to tell you, If he isnt, ask him about it.

How quickly can you tell if a man loves you?

The man has to give you signs, depends on what type of a man that he is though

How do you know if an Aries man loves you?

He'll tell you straight out!

Can a married women tell another man she loves him?


Should you give money to a man if he tells you he loves you?

no, because if he takes it he is just showing that he does notlove you but he loves your money a man should not need to receive money to tell you that he loves you

How do know if a Capricorn man loves you?

You will know if a Capricorn man loves you because he will eventually show you in some way. Capricorn men tend to be stoic but are very affectionate. You can tell if any man loves you by his actions.

How can you tell when a woman loves a man?

She doesn't care that you're poor

How can you tell when a Virgo man loves you?

He'll always be kind and considerate to you.

Why would a married man tell family members that he loves this girl?

The most likely reason is that he loves the girl.

How do you tell when a man loves you?

Answer Sometimes, you can see it in his eyes even if he is trying to hide his feelings. Otherwise, if a man loves you he will make sure you know at some point.

How can a man tell a woman he truly loves her?

by sincerity, always being there for her; by loving her.

Is it okay for a woman to tell a man she loves him first?

Yes it most certainly is.

Can anybody tell me some movies where a man sacrifices his life for the woman he loves?

There are many different movies where a man sacrifices his life for the woman he loves. Titanic is an example.

What do you do if your man loves you but you know he likes someone else?

you go to her house. meet her , tell her he loves you and she needs to find someone else

How would you know if a man loves a woman?

Its simple If a man loves a women A women can tell by the way he reacts towards you like he may be shy around you he would treat you like you want to be treated + he will tell you he loves you 99.9% of the time. And if a man loves a women when the women wants something he'll get it her. He would make love to her when she wants to , give her a baby if she wants to , Obey her commands

When will a Scorpio man tell you he loves you?

When he's 100% sure he's not making a mistake.

Why would a man that told you he still loves then you find him kissing another girl why would he tell me that?

Maybe he doesn't really know that he loves you.

When a man says ilove making love to you does it mean he loves you but can't tell you that?

Probably not. He probably means just what he said. He loves sex.

How do you now your boyfriend loves you?

plz tell me how can you tell if he loves you?

What is the meaning of the superior man loves quality the small man loves comfort?

be like the man who loves quality

What flower can tell you if someone else loves you?

When a man/woman gives you a ROSE that means they love you

Why would a female narcissst tell a man she loves him?

Cause their in love with themselves and don't think they are.

How can you tell if a man truly loves you?

when they look deep in your eyes, tell you they love you and you KNOW they mean it. That's the only way to know if a man truly loves you, when you FEEL like they love you. It is also when they would do absolutly anything for you at any time of any day.