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if the egg is cold the egg is dead and you will hear peeping when it is going to hatch

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How can you tell if a bobwhite quail is alive or dead or about to hatch?

Well since I have a Bobwhite Quail egg at home, when it is dead it is cold even when it has been in an incubator. When it is about to hatch you will hear peeping inside the egg. If it is alive than it will be warm. To keep it warm and alive you have to turn the egg 3 times a day. It takes about 23 to 24 days to hatch if you have cared for it correctly. However it may hatch early.

How can you tell if a robin egg is dead or alive?

You can tell if it is alive if it is blue and if not it is dead.

How can you tell if a duck egg is dead or alive without touching it?

all ducklings should hatch at the same time so the ones that don't are the dead ones.

Is maejemison still alive?

no,she is NOT ALIVE. SHE is gone forever. DEAD,I TELL YOU, DEAD!

How can you tell if nits are dead or alive?

if they move they are alive

How can you tell if a pigeon egg is alive?

insert it in your rectum for 1 week and if it doesnt hatch its not alive.

How do you tell if your alien birthpod is dead or alive?

Their gills will be closed if they are alive. but if they are ripped they are dead.

How do you know that plants are alive?

The way we tell a plant is alive is by how it is growing. A plant that is alive will grow and be green and eventually bloom, one that is dead will turn brown and not grow.

How can you tell the difference between something that is alive and something that is dead?

tell me the answer

How can you tell if your bearded dragon is dead or in hibernation?

if its breathing its still alive if its not, its probably dead.

How can you tell if something is alive or dead?

you can tell something is alive by the living thing can reproduce convert energy and adapt to his or her surroundings

How do you tell if bamboo is dead?

You will know if a bamboo is dead if you wait a few minutes. If it doesn't move then it is dead. If it moves even a inch then it is alive. Some Pandas pretend like they are dead because the Pandas think you are going to kill them. That's how you know if a Panda is dead or if it is not dead and it is pretending.

Is Kayne West dead?

Nope, he's still alive. Who would tell you that he is dead?

How do you tell if your pet rock is dead?

a rock is never alive

How can you tell if a clam is alive?

It is easy to tell whether a clam is alive. Just look at it: if it is dead, it hangs open and if it is alive, it will stay closed or be open the tiniest bit.

How do you tell a clam is dead?

if it is open you poke it with something and if it closes its alive if it dose nothing it is dead

How do you tell if your puppy is dead?

It stops breathing. And moving. And being alive.

How do you tell when an onion cells are dead or alive?

When there's cytoplasm moving

Are walnuts living or dead?

They can be either, its hard to tell unless you plant them. If it grows it was alive, if it doesn't it is dead.

How can you tell if your guine hen egg is still alive?

You won't be able to tell until the egg doesnt hatch when it is supposed to, which is 26 to 28 days.

How can you tell if an egg will hatch female or male chick?

You really can't tell as far as I know. :3

Is there a way to tell if turtle eggs are about to hatch?

There is away, but if you need to know everything about telling if turtle effs are about to hatch there is this website called if you want to know it right now let me know...

How can you tell if a fox tail palm is dead or alive?

The way to tell if a fox tail palm is truly dead is to check the stem and roots. If both are mushy and brittle, the plant is dead.

How do you tell if a snail is dead?

Put salt on it and if it moves it is alive.. (salt may also kill it if it is not dead already)

Is Gary glitter dead?

No, he's still alive.

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