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if the concrete is cracked or there is leaking .... if not call a professional.

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Q: How can you tell if the plumbing is broken below a concrete slab?
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What is plumbing slab rough in?

That is the underground drainage plumbing under a concrete floored dwelling, which has to pass inspection before the concrete is poured.

Will homeowners insurance cover for broken pipe in concrete slab?

Most will if it is in the slab. Where it can get tricky is when the pipe in in the yard.

What difference suspended concrete slab between unsuspended concrete slab?

Supended slab are slab not sit on the ground directlySuspended slab is a slab supported by beams.

When was Slab-O-Concrete created?

Slab-O-Concrete was created in 1994.

Can you pour a concrete slab onto another concrete slab?

No. Concrete won't bond to concrete. It will end up cracking.

What is a raft slab?

Also reffered to as 'slab footing' and it consists of concrete footing beams integrated into the concrete floor slab.

How big can a floating concrete slab be?

no matter how big the concrete slab is, it will never float

What are Advantage pre cast concrete slab than insitu concrete?

What are Advantage pre cast concrete slab than insitu concrete?

What are slab sewers?

The sewers which are under the concrete slab

Definition of a concrete transfer slab?

what is a ytransfer slab

How many millimeters thick is a concrete slab typically?

A concrete slab's thickness can vary greatly depending on the application. Typically, a concrete slab varies between 500mm to thousands of millimeters.

Can we Put a 6 feet hole in a reinforced concrete slab of 8 inches?

That would depend on where the slab was and what it was doing. How close to a wall is it? What's under the slab? Rock, plumbing? Can you do it? Yes. Should you? Good question. What may happen varies with each slab and circumstance. You may bust it out and find a large rock under it and have to replace it.