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Depends. If you have animals they might bark or hiss at the corner of the room. The room might suddenly go cold or you might suddenly smell something and you can't find what it is it could be a ghost communicating with you. Things might suddenly fall off shelves or whatever you place your things on. You might hear footsteps or feel someone or something touching you.

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Q: How can you tell if there is a ghost in a room?
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How do you tell your room is haunted?

You can't.You can only tell if your room is really haunted if you saw a ghost in the room.

How do you tell if a ghost is in you house?

you feel really cold in a warm room and you start to see whightly transparent figures.

Do animals know when there are ghosts around?

Cats do have a sixth sense. I know this because my cat told me that there was a ghost in my room. I had a ghost in my room because my friend and i were using a ouija board in my room and the ghost didnt want to leave and my cat could tell that. So anyone whos says cats don't have a sixth sense are liars.

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When you feel a present of a ghost

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